Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime recently announced the launch of a new line of designer jewelry entitled Poppy Angeloff. The brand's website is up and running, allowing fans to browse and shop from their selection of products, the brand being described as whimsical jewelry which appeals to Victorian girls who are living in a modern world. Taking inspiration from the pansy flower and its delicate nature, the pieces that the brand has to offer are considered to be an extension of Deere's creativity which sets the standard when it comes to adding a vintage and timeless touch to modern items. Bringing something different to the market, Poppy Angeloff makes for a great gift for the holiday season or for Valentine's Day that is coming up.

Poppy Angeloff – The Next Step

Doe Deere stated that she believes Poppy Angeloff to be the next step in her evolution as a human, entrepreneur, and artist. She explained that after having her daughter, she began thinking about the world that she is going to leave behind for her and points out that she marveled at the level of detail, thought and craftsmanship which went into the pieces in her antique ring collection. On that note, she talked about how things back then seemed like they were built in order to last, be worn for a lifetime, and then passed on from a generation to another as family jewels.

Another aspect that caused buzz around the brand is the fact that Deere also launched a successful “Invisible Boutique” for members only, sharing a sneak peek on Instagram of The Pansy, the brand's debut ring. The design of the ring is intricate, hand painted in a glazed enamel, set in solid gold, and having a center of white sapphire.

Where did the idea come from?

Prior to establishing the new brand, she spent time learning about jewelry, their meaning, symbolism and history, and in her pursuit of knowledge she realized that her favorite period when it comes to jewelry is what she describes as “sweet, innocent, and colorful” Victorian era of 1837 to 1901. Gemstone rings became her focus, as she believes them to be the most fun to wear and to design.

When talking about the jewelry that is being produced nowadays, in a letter posted on the brand's website, Deere noted that today's culture is being dominated by fast fashion, and the tradition of passing down jewelry is all but gone. She points out that jewelry is being mass-produced with the intention of being worn for a short time and then discarded prior to it losing its luster, breaking, discoloring, and thus never making it past the original owner. Her mission, in her own words, is to produce heirloom-quality, no-corners-cut jewelry which everyone can love, collect, enjoy, and pass down the line as part of family legacy.

About Doe Deere:

The Russian-born entrepreneur founded Lime Crime cosmetics back in 2008 as a cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly cosmetics brand which is based in Los Angeles. The brand was designed to meet the need for vibrant products of high quality that come in unique colors, which the market seemed to lack at that point. As a result of her vision and her skills in marketing, her eCommerce brand made an impact on the market, helping change consumer behavior online when it comes to shopping for makeup.

What started as a DIY brand, ended up as a full-fledged enterprise, with Doe Deere expanding the company's retail distribution, team, and products offerings. In 2018, Lime Crime was sold to Tengram Capital partners, with Deere continuing to be a driving force behind the company, as a member on its Board of Directors.


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