We are saying goodbye to the decade and we have had significant graphic design changes in the past ten years. Design trends of past are not relevant today and what is trending now is sure to be replaced by newer trends in the coming year and beyond.

Graphic design trends of past years did not fail us. We have seen graphic designers shifting from monotonous colors to adopting minimalistic and functional designs and branding. There has been a significant effort to industrialize the synergetic connection of graphic design and technology. All these trends ushered in a new era of anti-stereotypical creative disruptions.

But why has graphic design thrived so well?

Two reasons: Graphic designs influences and creates a lasting global impact in a huge way!

Graphic design trends are sure to keep hitting the creative waves. Whether you are a seasoned graphic designer or an entrepreneur looking out for graphic designers to work with, you need to stay ahead of the latest graphic design trends to keep your work standards high.

Here are the top six biggest design trends that will be dominating in the near future.

1. Visual Twists

Science has proved it over and over again. The human brain is created to appreciate patterns and nothing creates better patterns than symmetric images. However, according to research, the brain breaks passing signals when it comes across reversed patterns. At least 90% of the cases end up in a developmental phase. At this stage, the brain struggles to join the dots in a bid to understand its meaning especially if the viewer already has a previous encounter with the actual pattern. Visual twists add playfulness and engagement in the graphical components and that will be a trend to watch out for.

new design trends 2020

Fours by Frannnk

2. Pops of Vivid Colors

Have you noticed how the world of graphic design feels colorful lately? There are splashes of bright corals here, electric yellows there and everything in between. Vivid blues are quickly replacing the traditional colors of the past. we will see more brands adding vivid color palettes in their designs. Expect to see more attention grabbing lighter hues.

3. Breaking the rules with motion design

Motion design has steadily evolved over the past decade. Sure enough, we have seen it adapting with the times and still thrives today. Graphic designers have pushed the limits of what was possible: Coming up with new trends that have entertained us and made us think or feel.

In the future, motion design will go a notch higher; you will see a lot of storytelling through motion design and that will set the stage for truly realistic and personalized user experiences. Brands will invest more and more in storytelling as they capture its inherent ability to evoke real emotions. Fact is leveraging on animations to convey your brand message has dominated the creative waves in the past and will continue to do this with motion design. Whichever shape motion design takes, one thing is for sure: it will continue to break the rules, push beyond the limits and continue to be bold.

design gradient

3-Step Gradients [Freebie] by Alexander Zaytsev

4. Gradients

A few years ago, gradients were a thing of the past. They were nowhere to be found-both online and in print. The resurgence of 80’s and 90’s-inspired design aesthetics placed this design trend on the spot. The use of gradient color effects in images with duotones gained popularity and is now capturing more and more audiences. The truth is monotonous colors are not as entertaining as they used to be. Designers therefore invented something really creative to keep your audiences glued to your content: Gradients. Today, digital marketers are increasingly utilizing gradients as part of their design strategy to create a smooth transition and laid-back ambience that captures attention and delivers messages fasters to their audience. Thus gradient use in graphic design is a trend to watch out for in coming years.

5. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Just as you might have seen in the movies, this year was predicted to be the future! All movies claim so! By now, all cities will be breathing, we will have living structures covered in trees and yes! You guessed it! We’ll have flying cars. Unfortunately we are just a few months shy of this future and I can bet my bottom dollar all that will not happen in any soon. But one thing is for sure: there will be fun design trends down the pipe.

The word “Experience” is not new to us especially in as far as graphic design is concerned. The rise of Minecraft Earth and Pokemon has validated the use of augmented reality (AR) interaction. That means designers can now push the boundaries to create experiences not limited to VR or the real world. It will be fun to see how more and more brands work AR into their strategy in the coming time period.

design trend minimal bold color

Eventer - entertainment portal by Cadabra Studio

6. Minimal meets BOLD color

You might have probably heard the mantra “Less is more” and we expect this trend to continue. More and more uncluttered visuals will dominate smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. Expect a few twists too. Designs splashed with color are far from over.

web design trends 2020

D E S I G N - Creativity is to discover by Surja Sen Das Raj


There you have it folks, 6 biggest trends that will be dominating the coming time period and maybe beyond. It is now common knowledge that graphic designers are sick and tired of plain and boring graphic designs. It is our hope that these trends will offer you real value as you navigate these new and interesting paths of graphic designs.


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