Instagram is an awesome product, it's a Photo-sharing service who has over 25 million users since its launch in October 2010. The app is a go-to for amateur and professional photos alike, and its filters and tilt-shift functionality have won it a legion of loyal fans.

Opportunistic companies and individuals have realized that these beautiful images shouldn’t be confined to your smartphone or tablet screen. By plugging into the Instagram API, these savvy entrepreneurs have created products, and sometimes even entire businesses, that bring your Instagram images to life.

In this showcase we will present some pretty creative products inspired by Instagram, enjoy!

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Try to think to pick the Instagram App icon and try to make a real camera… This is the main idea at the base of Instagram Socialmatic Project. Since Facebook has bought Instagram for nearly a billion dollars in cash and stock, many users, bloggers, economy experts have thought Instagram could build its first real photo camera.

Socialmatic is the first Instagram photo camera, with a lot of amazing features:

  • - 16 GB mass storage;
  • - Wifi and Bluetooth;
  • - 4:3 touchscreen;
  • - 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing;
  • - Optical zoom;
  • - Led Flash;
  • - Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real;
  • - Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets;
  • - Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks;
  • - InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature;

Instagram Glasses - 2012 Concept

Many people use Instagram. They all love the effects, and every one of them loves to take pictures and to share them with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters? The design concept can give the appearance of glasses.

You activate the glasses by pushing “Insta” and option to choose between different filters. Are you enjoying a moment? Just take a picture with your glasses and upload the image straight to Instagram.

Life is beautiful, even more beautiful with filters.

Ray-Ban Instagram Limited Edition

A cross-marketing product launch to make the world (and you) look better.

Instagram Logo Mascot Toy Design Concept

Designed by JC Rivera and digitally sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, this charming little guy is for all the lovers of the great Instagram iPhone/Android app. While only a concept, the pre-production images have ignited quite a lot of interest, and we're doing everything we can to make him a reality.

Shinbone Creative is reaching out to designers and artists with unique creative vision, and JC Rivera is exactly the kind of energetic individual that we love. We're interested in getting together with anyone or any team that would like to turn their own strong character design into more wonderful, fun toys.


The Tinybook needs little introduction, is there any cuter way to show off your pics than this? The photo quality is surprisingly great, and Tinybooks even magnet together or to your fridge. Each book has 24 photos and you get 3 books with each order. If you choose 24 Instagram photos, you'll get 3 of the same book, choose 72 images for 3 unique books.


StickyGram is a London-based company that turns your Instagrams into magnets that are the size of the Instagrams on your phone. You can order a batch of nine magnets for $14.99 with free shipping.

Kejia Zhu came up with StickyGram in February 2011 — he had been playing around with Instagram, and when the API was announced, "printing magnets seemed like a cool way to use it." He threw up a landing page and had 1,400 signups within a week.

Thus far, "the response has been astounding," he says. From day one, StickyGrams has offered free shipping, but Zhu says it's paid off. "To date, StickyGrams have been sent to over 80 different countries. It's still a bit of a shock to see orders from places like Azerbaijan and Peru, but it goes to show how global the Instagram community is."

iPhone Cases

If you're on Instagram, odds are you have an iPhone 4 or 4S -- create a custom iPhone case on Casetagram to protect it. Photos can be laid out in various ways — in small square, in squares of varying sizes (left), within bubbles or honeycombs and in shapes, like a heart.

The cases offer a fun way to show off your favorite things, and they're always a conversation starter. The shell background can be white, black or transparent, and the cases sell for $34.95 a pop.


These coasters are made by Allison Kaye and sold on Etsy. Kaye prints pictures with her high quality photo professional printer to make sure they are crisp and vivid.

"I have been a user of Instagram since it started, and have just always loved the photos," Kaye says. "I wanted a way to show them off and had seen someone who used decorative paper to make coasters and thought, 'I'd love to show off my Instagram photos in the same way!'"

Kaye says she's had a huge influx of customers, especially during the holidays. While you can choose photos from a friend's feed through Gramfeed or — making it more personal — her city collections for Chicago and New York have been the most popular item. "The city ones seem to be a good base for gifts," she says.

With an API and a printer, the possibilities are endless. Kaye says she plans to "add more 'basic' packages to my coaster collection, such as nature, more cities and possibly bar-related themes."


Firebox lets you print a poster that's a collage of your Instagram pics. It makes for great wall decor, especially if you can't pick just a few pics to print out from CanvasPop or Hatchbox.

Instagram Pins

Are you a true Instagram fan? Show your love for the Instagram app with this hand-crafted polymer clay pin.

Handmade Instagram Felt Pin

These Felt Pins are handmade with love by yours truly. I made these felt pins in resemblance of a iPhone photo app that I love, it is to share to love for it and it is also very fun to wear it together with my group of friends that I got to know through the app. I am sure it will be fun for you to wear it too. The pin measures about 3.5cm x 3.5cm, it is hand sewn with felt and colorful threads and glue had been used to secure it better.


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