When you start your own business as an independent freelancer, or even as a one-person business, it’s likely that you will find that your business budget is a little limited. New businesses find that they can’t always afford to buy the technology they need when they start – unless they can benefit from a governmental grant or generous funding facilities. More often than not, you might find yourself struggling to create your business presence. Consequently, you may ask yourself a very valid question: Can I build a professional-looking website for my business? You’d be pleased to know that the answer to this question is Yes. However, it’s another one of those Yes, but answer. Yes, you can, but you need to save to hire a professional web designer in the long term. Here’s how it works:

It Can Look The Part

You will find plenty of free or inexpensive pre-made and customizable website templates to get you started. Bootstrap 3 is one of these, and while it doesn’t look unique, it has the advantage to provide a professional platform for your business to grow. As a ready-made template, it needs very little intervention to get ready. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll spend more time adding content into your template than working on its customization. However, you might find that the template offers a lot of options that you can’t handle – let alone understand. Additionally, you might come across hundreds of other websites that look just like yours.

You Need Basic Knowledge To Improve It

Improving your basic template will require some solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. With the necessary knowledge and practice, you can get Bootstrap, or any other template, to look exactly like what you need… or at least you can add a hint of uniqueness and understand some of the additional functions that are hidden in the template.

What Are The Key Elements You Need?

At the core of a website design, you need to consider the expectations of the market and your users – or web visitors. For a smart, with other 70% of the later generation navigating primarily from their smartphone and using the laptop only as a secondary source of navigation, it’s essential that you supply them with a responsive design. Indeed, a website that can change its layout to remain accessible and readable on different screen sizes is a major requirement of the modern world. Additionally, leaving the concept of web design, you need also to consider ways of populating your website with the right type of content. Content marketing, of the art of promoting your content, can be tricky if you’ve never practiced it before. As a result, it is essential that you work on a non-spammy approach if you want to attract visitors.

Next Step: You Need An Expert

Finally, once all is done, you can begin to save money to work with a professional web designer to give your website a revamp. As a rule of the thumb, most new businesses plan to invest in a new website within 6 months to a year of their launch. Indeed, this gives you enough time to know what you want your website to look like and to understand how your visitors navigate the side.


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