When it comes to your career, you may find that you have to make a decision between creativity and practicality. Based on the nature of each, it would seem that they don’t exactly go hand in hand. While the often work together to create a bigger picture, you may find that in your working world, you have to choose which side you sit on. But that’s not always the case. In fact, you may even find that by working on combining the two, you can actually boost your career! Want to know how? Let’s take a look at some key ways of doing that.

Heading Up The Creative Division

First of all, you could think about ensuring that you look after the creative side of a very serious business. Industries like law and finance aren’t always thought of being very creative fields to work in. But, just because the nature of a company isn’t very creative, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a creative position in it. And that’s exactly the case when it comes to the field of marketing. Because every big law or finance firm will have a marketing department. And if you’re a great creative that knows the best strategies, you can earn well and enjoy a creative job by working in a very practical industry.

Pushing Creativity

From here, you could always think about how creativity can be used to do a better job. Take sales. Making sales is essential and a hugely practical side of the business world. But sometimes, you can push creativity to increase them. By using your imagination and channeling the right creativity ideas, you may find that you can drive sales and make more money, allowing you to boost business with the help of creativity.

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Taking A Creatively Practical Role

But what about if you look at taking your creative career to the next level? When you’re a designer or an engineer, you could look at doing an online masters in engineering management or something similar to further your career. Then, you could work on the management side of things, that will then allow you to earn well and take a practical pathway in a creative career field.

Creating Ideas

Then, you could also think about the ideas generator at the head of a company. Being the boss is a hugely practical responsibility, but coming up with ideas is often creative. And if you’re good at generating new ideas, you could use your skills to work your way up that career ladder and earn yourself the CEO role, by using a combination of creativity and practicality.

Creating Your Own

And finally, what about starting your own company that comes with a practical and a creative side? This is definitely something that can allow you to boost your career with the help of both sides. A great example of this would be a development company. Not only do you have the construction side of creating the properties, but then the creative side of designing them and finishing off the interiors too. And sometimes, you can balance the two out perfectly to create the perfect career choice.


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