Marketing is just another thing that the internet is helping to boost. Everything you come up with, every ingenious campaign - it's going to go so much further thanks to the advances in modern technology.

Your skills in marketing might very well earn you a pretty penny, but do you know what skill is going to take your far? Creativity.

Most of the marketing that has the highest impact is done via the internet, and some of it, especially search engine optimization hides in the shadows and isn't as glamorous as a marketing campaign, but is just as valuable.

A web presence - it means everything to your marketing efforts! That means it is time to get creative.

Social media is a thriving hub of creativity and one of the best places to start boosting your web presence. Websites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more like the customer support platforms of the modern day. You'll find no shortage of customer interactions taking place on social media platforms. Make sure you can master new platforms and if someone new and shiny is released, ensure you're the first to get to grips with it. Creative skills shine with social media which can be a platform for jokes, content, writing, images and videos.

being creative with your web presence

The website is the main focus of any good businesses web presence. It seems barebones, but a website operates as not only a virtual storefront, but a virtual business card for a business. Websites need to be visited to work, though. Working well with search engines and optimizing your website for search engines is key to getting a website noticed. However, it doesn't take a genius to realize the pure amount of competing for websites that are available. This requires your creativity to shine and make your website different. How do you do this? Through the copy written for the site, original multimedia content or branding.

Copy is so very important as the keywords used to advertise the business and describe products will ensure that a website is optimized to take advantage of search engines and the results they will feed to customers. Effective web copy should really test creative skills as if it's unique and efficient; it will get a website noticed.

You need to be able to assess results and quantify your creative efforts into data that can be analyzed. Analytic reports and eCommerce audits can show you exactly what is working for your web presence. Did you get more traffic after a certain blog post? What was the web traffic looking like before you launched a campaign or tweeted a tweet? Everything you do can be broken down in marketing and these results will show you exactly what to do.

The thing is, if you’re not creative with your web skills, your business might be losing out to competitors who are willing to take more risks and be a bit more creative than you. It pays to show a bit of flair and originality to your work, so don’t be afraid to get creative.


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