When you have to present your concept web page design work to a client it really helps if you can give it a bit of style to help the final result. Not only will you love them for presenting concept work, but next time you’re making a web portfolio this PSD file will help your work really shine. All PSD layers are intact, fully editable and specified into separate groups.


How to use:

Step 1

After downloading and unzipping, make a backup of your les. Now open “webpage-display.psd”. As you can see there are colored and grayed folders in layer panel. Colored ones are customizable.

Step 2

First put your own design on the 3D frame by double-clicking on a layer named “Webpage”. You can also Right-click and choose replace content. The recommended image size is 1026x632 px. Paste your work in .psb le and save. You’ll see 3D frame is now updated!

Step 3

You can change the background color very easily and smoothly of course! Locate Adjustment layer named “BG Color”. Double click on this icon Some color sliders show up. Let’s play with them!

Step 4

To change the ribbon color, repeat the previous step on another adjustment layer named “Ribbon Color”. To change the ribbon text, locate the text layer named “Ribbon Text” and double click on this icon Change the font and text. We used “Myriad Pro (Bold)”.

Step 5

To add some sparkle effect on your webpage display, locate the top most layer named “Stylize” and make it visible by turning the eye icon on.


  • Put your own image or website on a 3D frame with shadow and reflection.
  • Choose your beackground and Ribbon color easily with a color slider.
  • Create your own Ribbon Text.

If you want to contact me directly for support on this file, always use the contact page. Any other questions or comments are very welcome at the Comments Form below. I would be very pleased if you let me know the way you use this file on you own projects. Thanks for reading, and enjoy this set. Adios!


  • praneeth
    luvd ur website keep goin ur wrk is simply grt... keep it up... peace out
  • jordan shannon
    Awesome psd. Thanx.