If you’re planning to launch your saas development services, now is the right time to do it. More companies are starting to use the Software as a Service model. In fact, about 51% of the organizations use SaaS to run their operations. Getting your first SaaS development services launched can be a tedious process. Learn the basic steps on how to get started right here.

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Here’s an overlook of the SaaS products you’ll tend to face. Knowing which one to use will require time and effort on your part. By the end, you’ll have no problem showcasing your next SaaS product for your consumers to enjoy.

Type of SaaS Products

SaaS products come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and are used for various purposes. Here are the three main types of SaaS products that are available:

  1. Packaged SaaS: Products that help with managing a specific process within an organization - strengthening customer relations, improving employee engagement, or enhancing marketing effectiveness.
  2. Collaborative SaaS: Applications that improve how teams work on projects. From video conferencing and messaging to collaboration on documents, these platforms help support the businesses’ collaborative efforts.
  3. Technical SaaS: These applications offer tools for improving or managing the technical or development process.

How Does SaaS Attract New Users?

In order for your SaaS company to thrive, they need to find, convince, and attract new people to their product.

But, they have to do it fast.

Based on a McKinsey Report, SaaS companies have annual growth rates higher than 20% if they want to stay afloat.

The growth speed is hardly a simple task once you consider how much SaaS is different from other industries. And here are some things to consider:

Users quickly decide if they want to use your SaaS products. They tend to do a quick online search, compare a few solutions, and select which one suits them the best. This process can be as short as a couple of hours.

Therefore, your marketing needs to target each stage of the buyer’s journey and provide relevant information. This information will be used to convince new users to test out your product.

However, only a few consumers take little effort when discovering a new tool. Many new users log on an app, but then never use it again. Most of them don’t know the value of the app before moving on to an alternative.

Your promotional efforts have to help your customers find out your activation point - the real value that your product delivers.

Rely on different sales models. Buying a self-serve SaaS application, one that customers can sign up by themselves, can be a short and efficient process.

With the traditional sales-driven approach, the customer goes through the entire process on their own. But, during the last stage, they tend to work with a sales team that helps the user guide and recommend an effective plan. This process takes more time and will require additional resources.

Lastly, the enterprise cycle can take a few months, sometimes longer, before a contract is fully signed.

What Does This Mean?

Conclusively, when selling saas development services, you have to keep your audience in mind. Don't be afraid to use different marketing techniques to attract them to your product. By doing this, you'll have a reliable product that provides value and a solution to your customer's daily problems.


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