Marketing is the start of engagement and communication between your business and your potential clients. Since marketing will help you attract your customers, your strategy should be effective in your campaigns. You need to have a vision about long-term success, and this means revenue that grows consistently because you have effective marketing campaigns.

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Whether you do the marketing on your own or hire some experts, below are powerful marketing strategies that can help you increase your company’s ROI:

Defining your Goal and Set your Budget

Any business has its targets in every aspect of the organization. Marketing as one of your tools to reach your target customers need to have a realistic goal and your budget should be optimized so as not to waste your resources. Having a goal will likely give a success rate, compared to those who cannot define which direction is their business heading to.

Here’s how you can set the objective and budget of your marketing campaign;

  • Establish Key Performance Indices (KPIs) to measure. These can include successful leads, traffic, and revenue.
  • Set your realistic budget by setting it around 7-8% of your revenue, this is based on business experts.
  • Pay attention to the process, not on the goal. You can only attain your goal if you monitor your process, see that it effectively gives you leads, and eventually yield sales. You can improve on this with the help of the KPIs that you have defined.

Building your Influence

A successful marketing campaign is one that gives you the highest ROI. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing strategies for business. Influencer marketing is collaborating with your brand and an influencer.

When choosing an influencer, it does not necessarily need to be a celebrity, as long as the influencer has:

  • The ability to affect the purchasing decision of potential customers because of his knowledge, authority or relationship with the customer;
  • Active engagement with a specific niche. The number of followers that he has for this niche can influence them to be your customers.

Make a Research that Impacts Your Web Page SEO

Every business has considered digital marketing to be another option for advertising and marketing campaigns. To be able to survive in the competition and be able to succeed in the long-term, you need to have a high-quality website. An excellent website will grow in due time in terms of the viewer population and most importantly, in terms of search engine trust which can result in a higher rank and invite more page views. Popular browsers are now using a standard search engine quality evaluator that uses the criteria of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) especially for blogs or articles related to health, safety, finance, or investments. These pages are popularly known as Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) pages and various EAT signals for YMYL queries should maintain high-level quality and the right content to satisfy the user’s need to search for a certain topic. Getting a higher rank will mean your SEO content has been carefully picked and designed to attract your target audience.


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Establishing Rapport through Email Marketing

Email marketing has never lost its usefulness when it comes to marketing. This is a more personal approach for each of your target customers, so this is the best platform to establish a client-customer relationship. By communicating directly into your customer’s inbox, this gives a unique opportunity to make them feel that you are there with them. Email plays an important role in a consumer’s purchasing cycle: at the very start when you prospect and give information, during the conversion of information to sales, and customer loyalty or retention thereafter.

Here are some good points to take into consideration when you do email marketing:

  • Collect email addresses legally
  • Categorize your email list
  • Maximize your deliverability
  • Use an email design that will carry your brand and attract your audience
  • Consider email templates
  • Make your message personalized

Taking into account all these things, your email marketing will be a successful strategy to increase your revenue.

Being a Strategic Blogger

Having a blog is the best way to start inviting viewers to your business page. This can help increase more leads as long as it is done properly.

Excellent blog content should:

  • Have a developed strategy for promotion, this should be done before starting the blog.
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Have relevant content that can be linked to your website

Having a blog can be a good marketing tactic because:

  • It leads traffic to your website
  • It converts the traffic into leads
  • It establishes authority
  • It drives long term results

Blogs can provide a deeper relationship between you and your customer. If they had a good experience reading about your blogs they can become your loyal subscribers and might as well be your customers.

Focusing on One Social Channel

It is undeniable that marketing has long been on social media. It has been very much used to introduce and establish a brand and gain page’s followers. But there are different social media sites available, a business must choose the best platform to use. Having multiple platforms for your business can be overwhelming, thus, you can not fully devote your time to handle everything.

To champion this marketing strategy you need to start with the best social media platform, here’s a summary of how you can start:

  • Know your target audience and research on how they purchase
  • Check your competitor’s preferred platform, this can give you an idea of whether people are interested in using the platform.
  • Research for your influencer
  • Create content and strategically schedule posting based on the time when most of your target audience will be online in that platform
  • Maintain a consistent cycle of posts
  • Get more followers by sharing what you have on your page
  • Evaluate your analytics results and look for ways to improve if necessary

In using social media marketing, keep in mind that every post, comment or reaction should have a purpose. In this marketing strategy, you need to be consistent, for this is how your audience will understand and expect from your brand.

Educating rather than Selling

This has become a core in content marketing strategies. It was suggested that instead of selling the idea of teaching your audience will work better to promote your marketing campaigns. Teaching has been the most essential marketing skills because anyone can do it, especially if you have the gift of gab. If you are confident to provide information to your potential customer or even your existing ones, you are building a deep bond for your brand socially and emotionally.

Here are ways on how this works for your business:

  • When talking, do not require your customers to buy any product after each content or information about a product
  • Be generous with your information
  • Focus on your customers and on what they want, not on what you want to say

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Survey and Learn

A market survey is another option for marketing your business campaigns. A survey will let you study and learn the customer’s spending habits, purchasing abilities, and this can also help you define your market parameters for your business. You can get the results for your business planning.

You can use these ways for your market research:

  • Research and Analysis of a certain target market
  • Research on a specific audience
  • Survey on brand awareness, product or service satisfaction

With marketing research you will have a grasp of your audience’s reaction to your brand or campaign, if you get good feedback then this means that your business is growing, most likely.

Review your Landing Pages

Another marketing strategy that needs to be focused on is the content of your website’s landing pages. It is not enough that you make your web page visitors go to your page, but the real goal behind is to convert them into business leads for your business. An effective way is to convert through a good landing page that calls your audience for an action, whether to get more information, to subscribe, to call, to send you a message, or to purchase. If this does not happen at all, there is a need for you to revisit your landing page design. It might not be doing its marketing job well, so you need to revert the focus of your audience by letting them take a single action on your page. Once you already get good conversion rates, you are now sure that you have the correct landing page layout for you to get more sales.

Promote Free Consultation

Another effective way of marketing is offering free consultations for your existing clients because this is part of establishing good customer service and turning them into loyal customers.

On the other hand, a free consultation can also turn your leads into a customer by:

  • Giving them time and telling them how you can help them
  • Being focused on a customer and start a good relationship with him
  • Answering specific questions that a customer may have about your product or service

If your customer liked the way you made the consultation personal for him, you have a greater chance of making sales from returning customers who are now willing to pay you.

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Business Storytelling

Do you believe that storytelling can give your customers a compelling reason to purchase from you? A good brand story can inspire loyalty between your business and your customer. Knowing how to tell your story will determine whether this is an effective way for you to market the business.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to make use of this method:

  • Establish context. To start your brand story you should tell why the story is being told, where and when did the story happen, who were the people involved in the story and what were the purposes of each person involved.
  • Be real. Authentic stories will establish customer trust. A genuine story is likely to connect with your customers rather than a story that has no single truth in it.
  • Have a clear result. Any story should bring about a lesson that your customers can benefit from. Be able to provide a clear action thought that will make your customers freely connect with your brand.
  • Speak Consistently. Do not confuse your customers just because your story is not organized. You should be able to tell the story naturally and leave your customers to connect with your brand.
  • Involve your customers. Your main goal with storytelling is to make that emotional connection with your brand. Make them feel how your brand may have changed your life and what you have learned from it.

Storytelling about your business can be a continuous process as your brand grows and adds new events in its history make it an essential marketing method to retain and attract more audiences.

Focus on Retention

Marketing does not only involve introducing your business to the world. But it is a part of your day-to-day operations and as you gain new clients, you also need to maintain them to be your regular customers. This is called growth marketing. You can make this strategy work well if you make constant improvements to your onboarding processes. Leverage on your most effective strategy and if one does not work, consider a new method and evaluate its impact on your business. Remember, keep the old ones and continue to make new ones by giving them a good impression of your brand through your marketing campaigns.

Now that you are armed with a bunch of marketing strategies above, you are now very capable of determining whether you are doing your marketing the right way. If your strategies maximize your return on investments, then you have a well profound marketing tactic, but this should not stop you from exploring and improving these methods. The marketing industry has evolved around technology and making your business adapt to these new developments in marketing can give you higher conversion rates. This is your advantage in the ever-changing world of modern marketing.


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