So, you have set up your Instagram profile and already have a few photos and videos up there. You are getting a few likes and comments but would like to increase your engagements, attract more followers and make some money while doing it, right?

Instagram is a great platform for those who want to be seen and need a platform that is tailor made for visual content. A picture is worth a thousand words and a good picture is probably worth a million or more words. Some of the best Instagrammers have managed to hack what it takes to stand out from the crowd and supercharge their Instagram profiles; the rewards are out there for all to see.

instagram tips to grow your audience

Instagram Poster Official #2 | Create Don't Hate by Leo Natsume

Here are 7 great tips to help you increase your IG account’s performance and join the cool kids who seem to have it all figured out.

1. Choose A Theme and Stick with It

Don’t just post random photographs and videos and hope to make an impact. Instagram is all about creating a distinct identity that is a reflection of you or your brand. A majority of your posts should follow a certain theme that identifies you. This can be achieved by using a single-color scheme in a set of photographs, a distinct filter, lighting, etc.

For instance, jewelry influencer should post a lot of content related to jewelry. Perhaps that unique silver infinity ring you found at an auction, or a rare gemstone attached to stunning necklace. Don’t veer of from you niche and start posting about shoes, sports and other unrelated topics

2. Don't Just Post Images-Say Something

A caption will add value to your Instagram posts. Think of a nice, catchy caption to accompany each post so that you can keep your audience engaged. You can use the caption to include hashtags and tag other people to maximize your reach.

3. Get in The Trend- Don’t Miss That Challenge

Remember you are not alone in this space. Organize your posts to respond to the latest trends and challenges out there. This will bring you more followers if you get it right. A timely post about a trending topic or social media challenge will always keep your profile fresh and appealing to both new and existing followers.

4. Use Hashtags To Widen Your Reach

This point builds upon the previous one. Hashtags are not only popular on Twitter; they have taken over the Instagram space! Hashtags will make your content discoverable to a wider audience as people like searching for trending topics to know what is popping.

It’s always good to make a post that can relate to a certain hashtag and add it as part of the caption. Even the most popular hashtags should not be ignored as you never know how far you can go with that single post.

5. Don’t Ignore the Comments

Instagram isn’t exactly big on comments and text in general but that doesn’t mean you should give your loyal followers the cold shoulder. The best way to grow your profile is to engage with your followers. Try and reply to some comments in your posts; the good ones and the nasty ones. In fact, responding to a troll can be considered as a takedown. This might have you featured on other posts across the web that will send curious followers to your IG profile.

6. Have A Solid Content Strategy?

If you are serious about growing your Instagram audience, you have to come up with a solid content strategy and follow it. Jot down some content ideas for the whole week and gather the resources needed to make them happen. Whether it’s taking a road trip and taking photos along the way or going for that big event that everyone is talking about.

On the same point, your content schedule should be structured and predictable. You can, for example, plan to have two posts every Monday or Weekend. I follow a certain celebrity footballer and he always posts a funny but informative clip every Monday morning that he calls “Monday inspiration”. I'm always looking forward to his posts as they lift my Monday spirits and help me prepare for the week ahead.

7. Engage Other Instagrammers

Commenting and liking other Instagrammers’ posts in your niche will help increase your profile’s visibility. You can also tag them in your posts if they are known to you or if the post has something to do with them. Remember to be respectful and brief with your comments. Don’t engage in unnecessary flaming campaigns or catfights unless you are into that kind of stuff.

Final Words

I hope you are now super-encouraged and confident enough to put all these tips to practice. They help you to grow your IG profile. Instagram is not as hard as some people make it look like. Just be smart with your posts and always remember to engage, plan ahead, be in trend and make it your own.


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