Shopify has been around for quite a while now. However, in the last couple of years, it has reached new heights. With all the new members trying it out, the platform has seen immense growth.

It is no surprise that the likes of Profit Industry has dubbed them as one of the best ecommerce platforms. Of course, this popularity has lead to many changes in the company, one of which was focusing on apps.

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As everything on the internet continues to move forward, so does Shopify. They are constantly releasing and upgrading their applications to make the life of their users better. If you feel like you need to get more out of your Shopify store, here is a list of some of the best available apps.



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Whenever you are looking to get a new upgrade on your website, flexibility is one of the most important criteria. Bulk Price Editor by Buymaxx is one of the best when it comes to controlling your prices. You can automate the whole process by scheduling regular changes. And whenever there is something that you want to change back, you can simply revert to the previous state with a single click.

The developers have had a major update in September of 2018. However, this is definitely not a time when they are going to stop making progress. Every user expects to see plenty of other great features in the near future.



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Popping notifications have become a norm for most websites. Whether you want to build an email list or get information about your potential customers, it is one of the most effective marketing tools. This push notification for Shopify tool offers that, among many other great features, including getting notifications when there is an abandoned shopping cart.

TADA Gamified Email Popups

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Don’t you feel like all email popups are almost the same? Often your visitors might find them a little bit boring. With TADA, you can offer your visitors elegant and interactive email popups like they’ve never seen before!

Pick a game and let your visitors play and win an attractive discount in exchange for their emails. You won’t get bored with TADA gamified popups, and if you do, the Shopify app also offers beautiful full-screen email popups to boost your brand image!

Start with the free plan or go premium for only US$9.99/month!



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MeneLabs have quite big standards for whatever app they are developing. Since reports orders Shopify provides is no longer enough, there is a big need to extract as much information as possible. Every businessman is interested in seeing how well they are doing. According to the information on the description, you can get data in more than 80 different fields.

This amount of information is overwhelming, but it is still impressive nonetheless.

Being able to live-view how many orders there are and scheduling reports when it is convenient for you can and will help you with conquering the competition. As they say, knowledge is power. And the more knowledge you have about your shop, the better your chances are.



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A good way to stand out from the rest is having something unique. And while the options in the field of ecommerce are pretty limited, you can still find something. More and more entrepreneurs are offering their customers with exclusive benefits or contests. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but there have already been plenty of people who made it work.

As far as introducing premium rewards and games the best Shopify conversion app for it is DeepMarkit. It has more than enough features to allow you to customize and build your very own empire. You can create slideouts, pop-ups, banners, smart triggers, etc. All to your advantage. Offer discount coupons or create raffles. Before you know it, you will have people swarming to ask you for more. And turning them into a customer should not take that much.



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As far as tools for gathering information go, there are quite a lot of different choices out there. However, ecommerce analytics from Conversific is one of the best in this regard. One of the biggest advantages it has would be simplicity. Other tools are a bit complicated, especially for first-timers. This one, on the other hand, makes everything easy. On top of that, the app allows you to compare your results with others, forecasts things you can expect in the future, and provides weekly and monthly reports of the most important data.



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Controlling your e-shop with as little effort as possible is what a lot of people dream of accomplishing. Dropship on Shopify with - add thousands of dropship products to your Shopify store in just minutes and start to have a different understanding of how ecommerce works. The app allows you to import products from over 100 different manufacturers. Inventory and prices are in sync with the manufacturer. The changes are updated daily, so there will not be any misunderstandings with your customers. Also, if you are worrying about inputting tracking codes, forget it. As soon as the product is shipped, it Shopify receives the code directly and marks the order as shipped.



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Whenever people are purchasing something, most of them look at reviews. Having a Shopify store means that you will need to get this information out there. Nothing does the trick for this quite as well as Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer. The number of features is impressive, to say the least. If a product is available on eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress, you can showcase your customers what each of the three has to say about it.

The app supports more than twenty languages and has excellent customer support. As soon as you start using it, there should be an increase in conversions.

So that’s about it about the best apps for Shopify. As you are probably aware, there are plenty of other great tools that can make your life as a seller a lot easier. However, these seven are among the best and most popular that Shopify has to offer.


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