Businesses using the internet to operate have seen a link between content, brand recognition, and sales. More and more companies are generating content for their website and using it as a way to engage with customers and build a relationship, working towards a sale. This is an incredibly effective marketing technique, as it builds loyalty with the customer, and after providing them with helpful information, they will turn to you when it is time to make a purchase. Any website can use a newsletter to increase page visits and build its brand and online influence.

Emailed newsletters are a great way to turn a database of email addresses to your advantage. A well-crafted newsletter that is informative as well as promoting your website can increase visitors wanting to take advantage of offers, or it can help build the image of your brand with them. Even a small business can have a big brand impact by using a newsletter. Here are a few reasons to add a newsletter signup to your website.

add a newsletter signup to your website

Pop-up Newsletter by Anastasia Marinicheva

Grow Your Image

Using an emailed newsletter that is informative and worth reading helps create an image in the reader’s mind about your website and what it has to offer them. A competent newsletter that the reader finds useful feels like an added value your website offers and it will build trust in your brand. A good read on a subject that they find interesting will nearly always lead to the click of a link, and then your website has got a new visitor.

Build a Relationship

Newsletters are more popular than you think. If your newsletter becomes known for offering great advice or discounts, or interesting information and stories, readers will look forward to receiving it and will often use it as a portal to your site. Businesses often offer blog-like content about customer experiences from that month or week, which have information helpful to other customers within them, and perhaps details on a product. Linking the information to pages on your site can generate a big increase in traffic and user interactions.

Strategic Marketing

Using email lists and other user or customer information, you can target different markets with different emails. A simple example of this would be to send men a male-focused email, and women a female one. Targeting content to different groups in this way can be very effective, and there are a lot of resources to help sort your email lists. There is help available to sync HubSpot with MailChimp so that when a user form is completed, it can make its way to the right email list and get them the right newsletter.

Newsletters are a simple but effective way to drive traffic to your website and increase interaction with your customers or visitors. Having a website means little without having people who visit often, and regularly. Newsletters will help you create a core user base to build from, and grow your website and your brand.


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