Logo creates a brand identity and communicates the nature of the work of an organization. It is the easiest way to distinguish a company and it is essential for almost all kinds of business be it a startup or a renowned company. In fact to match with the industry expectation and the visibility many renowned name has re-designed their logo.

tips to avoid designing bad logos

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Below are the 10 tips to avoid designing bad logos for a brand identity:

  1. Designing by yourself- The first thing that comes to mind is to save the cost and the second is the excitement to create a logo for your own company. Lack of experience and knowledge of designing ends with an amateur designing.

  1. Taking favor from friend- As a business owner we like spending money on office infrastructure & furniture. When it comes to logo, we handover to our friend who has a little knowledge about graphic designing thus we end up commissioning wrong people.

  1. Lack of understanding- Lot of time gets waste by procrastinating or by misunderstanding the look and feel of the logo In the other words the designer fail to understand the purpose of the business and its connect with the logo.

  1. Making it complicated- In search of creativity and unique design, they (designer) tend to make it complicated for the customer to understand the implication. It is advisable to keep it simple for customers to recognize.

  1. Playing with colors unnecessarily- Using the drop shadows, embossing & detailed color to gloss up logo will not make the logo design outshine; instead focus on the concept which even a simple color can justify.

  1. Following the market trend- At the end it is all about being unique and not get bothered about the current trend, the concepts should be determined by you.

  1. Experimenting with font & size- Too many fonts and experimenting with the typographic is not a good move. Avoid using predictable & ultra thin fonts instead choose a right font and focus on the size and spacing. Take out time and research on the fonts that would best fit.

  1. High involvement of client- Your client is paying for the master piece of logo you would present to them. Too much involvement of the client or a customer will put your creativity on toss and will confuse with too many options.

  1. Raster image & graphic. Images and graphic attracts the attention and hence it is used in most of the logo. Raster image and graphic should be avoided and smart objects should be used. It also creates problems with reproduction or recreation.

  1. Lack of final touch- When it comes to delivery of logo everything should be checked whether it is overlapped or symmetrical. Creating a rare logo design involves high level of creativity and imagination to convey the significance. It should be perfect in every sense and a final touch would give it a professional look.


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