This are the most hottest and beautiful Vector Girls you can find on istockphoto, this illustrations contain party females dancing in night-club on the music, designed in great details.


Disco Divas Deluxe (Platinum) - EPS - 1 MB -DOWNLOAD


Disco Divas Deluxe (Ruby) - EPS - 1 MB - DOWNLOAD


Disco Divas Deluxe (Gold) - EPS - 1.2 MB - DOWNLOAD


  • rmadeat
    tank you nice
  • arti
    Thanks you too much!
  • Paul
    thanks for these as they are what i was searching for
    Bleah, i looked everywhere for these links, and didn`t find them.. bad luck...
  • vivi
    Does anyone have links on these? they are amazing
  • Jim_papa
    very good

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