Pixelo.net is a website that offers curated deals and bundles for graphics and fonts. It helps ease the design challenges creative professionals may encounter.

Pixelo is one of the leading platforms that offer economically-priced graphic bundles. The site presents content for web designers, hobbyists, creatives, and artists. Using Pixelo means finding the best graphics to improve on a design project.

Aside from providing spectacular and unique graphics, Pixelo is also a haven for special fonts. Each bundle is curated per theme and category to help speed up the design process. Each kit is created to make the work of a designer less challenging and less time-intensive. Each graphic design is made with love and respect for the craft. Most of all, the website itself is easy to navigate. The download process is easy to do.


What to Expect from Pixelo.net

The Pixelo website is a love letter for graphic designers. The team works closely with many professionals in the design community worldwide. Together, their goal is to provide top-quality design resources. The bundles available on the site are curated to simplify the lives of its users. Pro and amateur designers alike can benefit from the wonderful deals available.

If you're looking for graphic design assets to improve your work, Pixelo.net is exactly where you need to go. The site is also for both design enterprises and self-employed designers. The packages presented are meticulously chosen. Each deal helps designers enhance their project without using unnecessary time and resources.

The one thing you need to note is that each bundle is only available for a limited time. If you overlooked or passed on a deal, that bundle will no longer be accessible. As such, it's vital for users to subscribe to the Pixelo newsletter. This is an effective way for you to stay informed and updated with the new bundles and deals available.

Using Pixelo means you also get:

  • Great discounts - Users must go to the site to check the various discounts offered on different design bundles. At times, the discounted rate is as much as 99% of the original price.
  • Curated Bundles - A special team selects the themes and designs for each Pixelo bundle. The selection process heavily weighs on the quality of the products as well as the trends in the market. Each bundle is well-selected to guarantee that users can make the most out of the products.
  • Constant Design Updates - The website is a platform for graphic designers designing for other creatives. As such, all the resources posted are up-to-date and on trend.
  • A Fair Refund Policy - Pixelo has a refund policy if you're able to provide a concrete reason why the bundle you bought failed to do its job. If you're unsatisfied with it, you have a month after the sale to file for a refund.
  • Easy Download Choices - Once you buy a bundle, you'll be given a download link that will be posted to your account. That link will be accessible to you any time you need it. You have the option to download the bundle again anytime you need it. You won't lose a file by doing so.
  • Exceptional Customer Service - A Pixelo representative is always available to help you with anything about the site. This means you can ask about the bundle you've purchased, and even the bundle you haven't paid for yet.

How Pixelo.net Helps Designers Overcome Stress


To be able to work without stress is a dream of all. This is particularly true to those who use creativity to complete their work. Case in point, the graphic designers. If you're one, it's more than likely that working under pressure has never been an easy thing for you to do. Just by thinking of the client's sky-high expectations can make you lose sleep. As such, everything that can help you finish your work exceptionally well is heaven-sent.

This is what Pixelo.net is all about. It's a lending hand that can help you finish your work on time, and finish it wonderfully. Essentially, it helps you lessen work-related stress. Apart from Pixelo.net, another tip to overcome work stress is to communicate with your client.

Guessing what your client would like is a no-go. If you guess incorrectly, you waste time and resources you can't get back. In a worst-case scenario, you may even lose the project. Instead of guessing games, ask the client directly what it is he'd like to see in the final output. Communicating with him is a good way of gauging if you're heading the right direction. It's a way to assess if you understand the brief correctly.

If you don't have a complete brief, you won't be able to know what design or theme to use. As part of the domino effect, you also won't be able to find the right design bundle to get from Pixelo.net.

When there’s communication, you’ll get the information you need. You can stop the guessing games. When you have all the details, you can get all the tools you need to complete the work. You will no longer be strained with negative thoughts. You won't be questioning every decision, wondering if it's the right thing to do or otherwise.

How to Join the Pixelo Affiliate Program


To generate supplemental income, you can sign up for the Pixelo Affiliate Program. From the referrals you make, you can get as much as 30% to 75% in commissions.

To join the affiliate program, set up an account here. Once a registration is made, the Pixelo team will look into your application. When the team approves your submission, you will get an affiliate account. It will have all the details you need to start the program. It will also include a personal referral link. Keep in mind that to get the commission for your referrals, you must have working PayPal account. It's also necessary to have an active website and a running social media channel.

What is Pixelo.net’s Current Bundle?


As of posting, Pixelo.net’s current bundle is The Fantastic Fusion Bundle. The bundle is available for $29, which is a 99% discount from its original price ($3039). The deal will end in less than a month.

The Fantastic Fusion Bundle is an assortment of high-quality fonts and gorgeous graphics. The font ranges from hand-drawn, script, display, and many more. It includes a massive variety of handmade treats that can be used for any graphic design project. The bundle is a one-stop shop for design assets. It's loaded with over 20 font families and more than 4000 visual goodies.

The design treats can help keep your creative juices flowing. They'll be available for the project you're working on right now and for other projects in the future. The bundle has ready-to-use elements and layered effects for a more professional finish.

The Fantastic Fusion Bundle also comes with a commercial license. It offers a lifetime download access and an unlimited customer service.

Here are three standout fonts included in the bundle:


  • Urbano Font - This highlights an urban handwritten brush font that uses its own unique character. The font offers a rough texture via the large brush and sharp, fast strokes. Urbano is ideal for calligraphy, branding projects, packaging designs and logo designs. The package also includes a special Urbano Swashes font with 26 handcrafted swashes.
  • Tulip Garden Script - As the name suggests, this font is delicate and playful. It contains a lot of ligatures. It also has alternative symbols for the entire alphabet. The package is designed to replicate the peculiarities of writing by hand. Each character has a special combination of styles and unique letters. Tulip Garden is best for calligraphy designs, invitations, and logos for female-centric products.
  • Charlion Script 2 Style - This neat and sleek font is categorized as a hand lettering typeface. Charlion Script 2 Style has clean lines, bold irregularities, and a bouncy baseline. The package includes a free marker font and a set of handy Swash. Charlion Script 2 Style is ideal for logo designs, brand packaging, and greeting cards.



Apart from the current bundle available, Pixel.net also offers amazing freebies like:

  • Bakery - A set of six hand-drawn lettering posters designed for bakers and bake shops.
  • Boho Style Tribal Border Collection - A set of 13 stylish bohemian borders ideal for invitations and greeting cards.
  • Rainwood Free Font - A handmade painting style typeface. It is ideal for calligraphy projects, posters, greeting cards, and brand packaging.

How Much is Each Pixelo.net Bundle?


Pixelo's bundles don't have a specific rate, but all are budget-friendly. Also, the website regularly offers special discounts. And a few of the bundles are available for free. All of these easy-on-the-wallet deals are for a limited time only.

If you're a professional graphic designer or a hobbyist, using Pixelo.net is a smart choice. The bundles on the site are high-quality and reasonably priced. Each package is meticulously designed and curated by a team of experts. The submitted designs are created by both professionals and amateurs worldwide. Pixelo.net is a platform that offers graphic designs made by graphic designers, for graphic designers.


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