Storage buildings come in many different designs, sizes, styles, and even shapes. They also have different functions. If you need additional space to store things, you may already be researching your options. It can help to understand each type of storage building and what you might use one for. Here are four of the basic storage building options and what their main uses are to help you decide which works for you.

design storage buildings

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Storage sheds are typically the smallest storage option, with some being as small as 4 ft by 6 ft. However, there are some larger storage sheds out there that provide 144 square foot or more of space. These sheds can be placed in a backyard or up against the side of your home, and they are perfect for storing everything that you simply can’t fit in your home or garage. ShelterLogic has a wide selection of outdoor garden sheds to choose from.

Many people use their sheds to store their lawnmower and other tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and other seasonal items. These sheds aren’t always that insulated, so they’re not ideal for items that can’t get too hot or too cold. However, they are very secure, especially those that are made out of steel or other metal. If you need a little extra storage space or want to get some of your items out of your garage, a shed is perfect.


Carports are a good and inexpensive option if you don’t have a garage or need to provide protection for additional vehicles that won’t fit in your garage. These structures are basically support legs and a roof, so there are no sides to them. This means they’re not a great place to store boxes or other equipment. They are primarily used for protecting cars from the weather, although you can also park boats, trailers, ATVs, and other vehicles under them. They will stop hail, snow, rain, and harsh sunlight from getting to the vehicles, but that doesn't provide space to store smaller items. Sebring has some really good concept of carport design ideas to choose from.


When people think of a garage, they usually think of those attached to homes. These built-in garages can be a part of the home’s original design, or they can be added on later. However, there is another option: there are stand-alone garage kits that can add this extra space without the cost of construction. Adding on a garage to your home is costly and can cause a lot of disruption until it’s complete. Building a garage from a kit is much less work and cost. The end result is a storage space that can accommodate your vehicles, your yard equipment, and anything else you want to store in it. You can even use one of these garages as a workspace or add insulation and make it a full room. It’s possible to even live in a converted garage, although that does take some extra work.

Most people simply use these garages for keeping their vehicles safe and for storing things. Since they’re bigger than sheds, you can store much more and still have space to keep it all organized. Unlike carports, garages have sides that protect your vehicles from theft, animals, and other problems, so you have more safety and security.

Portable Garages

A portable garage, unlike a standard garage or garage kit, is designed to be moved. The idea behind one of these portable garages is that you can easily set it up, use it as needed, and then take it down and move it elsewhere. It’s great for those who like to spend the winter months in a warmer climate. You can put up a portable garage to park your RV in to protect it. When you’re ready to return to your main home, just take down the garage and stash it in the RV. These temporary buildings are designed to take up as little space as possible when they’re packed up. They aren’t really designed for long-term storage, but they can be exactly what you need during a storm to keep your RV or other vehicles safe.

Which storage option is right for you? Once you have determined what you’ll be using the building for, it should be clear which type of building you need.


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