Angular JS is a JavaScript based front-end web development platform commonly used in the modern interactive web applications in the marketplace. The demand of Angular JS developers is consistently increasing the every enhanced version of this platform. With an increase in the demand of AngularJS developers, the AngularJS developer salary is also increasing regularly.

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The popularity of the Angular framework can be easily assessed with the release of multiple AngularJS versions on the market. AngularJS latest version, which was released recently, is known as Angular 5. It is the enhanced version of Angular 4 that is a typescript based platform.

Let’s have a deeper perspective on this platform, features the market demand of AngularJS programmers in the field of web development.

AngularJS Platform and Its Popularity

The use of JavaScript in the web development and mobile application is very high in the present day modern applications. To cater to the consistent demand for JavaScript codes, many JavaScript-based libraries and platforms have emerged in the marketplace. Angular JS is one of the most powerful JavaScript-based platform, which is commonly used as a front-end development platform for the creation of modern interactive web applications. Large scale library, modular capabilities, advanced features and numerous advantages of AngularJS platform makes it one of the most popular platforms in the domain of interactive web development.

According to the Google Trend results, the AngularJS is much more popular than many other JavaScript platforms commonly used in the marketplace.

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The first release of this platform is known as Angular 1.x or Angular JS, and the second release is referred as Angular 2, which is based on the typescript. Other two versions Angular 4 and Angular 5 are also typescript based platforms.

One of the most important reasons for the greater popularity of the AngularJS platform is its comprehensive capability to cater to the multiple needs of the front-end application development. Whether the front-end application is just a single page, or a lightweight execution page, or even general logic on the client side, the AngularJS architecture is capable to handle all these requirements comprehensively.

Why Angular Platform Is So Popular?

There are many great reasons for the AngularJS coders to like the AngularJS platform the most as compared to many others in the marketplace. A very few important reasons of them are mentioned below.

  • It has a unique feature of dependency injection, which uses HTML code extensively to drive the application assembly easily
  • It is a comprehensive solution for all kinds of needs for web applications, whether it is a single page, lightweight processing or even the complex logic
  • It has many other great features like two way data binding and directives
  • It has a strong community powered by the Google Corporation to support the developers across the world
  • It is very suitable for data driven applications for medium sized enterprises
  • It is completely independent of any platform to run the code, which is a big upside!
  • It has a powerful MVC architecture to develop single page applications SPA efficiently

Other than the technical reasons as mentioned above, there are also many reasons related to the businesses that make it more popular in the entrepreneurs’ communities, such as:

  • Increased application development speed
  • Reduced development cost
  • SEO friendly development
  • Fast software release cycle
  • Increased ROI

Market Demand of AngularJS Developers

Java and JavaScript is one of the most demanded languages commonly used in the modern interactive web development. According to the IT JOBS WATCH information, more than 14,779 permanent jobs advertised in the UK required the AngularJS skills and experience. There were many temporary job positions, citing the AngularJS projects that were also advertised in the country during the past six months of 2018. The minds of developers and product owners are very clear about why use AngularJS platform for developing modern web applications to achieve the business bottom lines.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics information, the projected employment ratio of software developers between 2016 and 2026 will remain over 24%. This ratio is much higher than the average employment projects of all other occupations in the United States of America. Moreover, the employment outlook for the application developers shows even higher growth of about 31%, which is much higher than the demand of software developers in the marketplace.

The demand of web developers, especially those working with the modern JavaScript, and typescript tools is increasing consistently due to the shortage of the skilled resources in the marketplace. The demand of the AngularJS platform is also driven by the powerful community supported by the IT giant Google Corporation, other than the rich features and capabilities of the platform.

What Projects the AngularJS Platform Is Best Fit For?

All modern websites, web applications and mobile applications should be interactive, attractive, SEO friendly and fast to load so that the great user experience should be maintained. All these objectives can only be achieved by using a highly rich featured JavaScript platform that can easily integrate with the latest version of HTML and CSS codes to give the required push to your website or application.

AngularJS platform is a highly rich-featured platform with numerous powerful capabilities that can easily accomplish multiple tasks desired by the owner of different web projects. AngularJS is highly desired for the projects that require the following features, functions and capabilities in their applications.

  • It is 100% fit for the front-end web development projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • It is a great fit for the CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) web development projects
  • It is a good fit for either all or most of the web applications
  • It should be used for developing interactive web pages or applications without any hesitation
  • It is a good fit for the HTML5 code projects that can easily be integrated without any huge modifications in the codes
  • It is a great fit for the single page applications (SPA) projects
  • It is highly desirable for those web projects that need heavy lifting of DOM manipulations or require MVC (Model View Controller) coding structure
  • It is very useful for the project that use Dot Net, Ruby on Rail and C# languages in their back-end development

Overall, the AngularJS platform is very suitable for almost all kinds of modern websites and web applications that are fully in compliance with the latest industry standards and best practices.

Advantages of AngularJS Platform

As we know, there are many JavaScript platforms available in the marketplace to use. Every platform has its own advantages and downsides that determine their respective position in the market. Let’s expand upon the major advantages of AngularJS framework, as given below:

  • AngularJS is simple and easy to use architecture
  • It is able to handle heavy web applications with multiple components and complex requirements
  • It supports a large number of components
  • It supports tweaking and making the user interface declarative through HTML code
  • It requires less time to develop a big web application or website easily
  • It supports reusability of the software code in multiple applications
  • It supports many great features like Model View Controller (MVC), two way data binding, POJO data models, dependency injection and many others
  • It saves time, money and resources, and improves the development efficiency
  • It offers less and clean code that is less prone to the errors and breaks
  • It is powered by the powerful community backed by the Google Corporation

Final Takeaway

Despite many challenges posed by the new JavaScript platforms emerging in the marketplace, the AngularJS platform is still one of the leading JavaScript platforms for the web developers. The increasing demand of AngularJS developers and designers in the marketplace is also an indicator of the success story of this platform.

According to the industry experts, the future of the AngularJS platform will be much brighter than before for many years to come.


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