Malaysian illustrator Daniel Kamarudin has made a habit of amazing us with his superhero art, he added his own dark twist to popular fantasy and sci-fi franchises, and the final product was something that can only be described as awesome. The artist has done some amazing artwork in the past but this one will amaze fanboys and fangirls of Marvel Universe Comics as he redesign the characters and places them in Medieval times, as dark fantasy warriors.

This series of Marvel superheros reimagined is inspired by the blockbuster movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, and you will find a knight Captain America, a blood magic Hulk and an uncharacteristically killer version of Hawkeye. This time around there's no Loki or Nick Fury, but he did drawn Ultron, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Quicksilver. I really have to say that you can see a difference and even improvements in how this guy is growing as an artist.

Ever wonder how Ultron and the Avengers would look like if they existed in a parallel universe in Medieval times? Check out these revamped versions of Marvel's Mightiest Heroes:

Iron Man – The Sorcerer Of Snark


Almighty Thor as Battle Cleric


Captain New World


The Vision, Knowledge Incarnate


Hulk the Bloodied Titan


Black Widow as The Assassin


Hawkeye - The Arcane Archer


Ultron The Stringless


Quicksilver the Wraithbrand


Scarlet Witch as The Mind Bender



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    Awesome!! thanks for sharing :)