A website is an effective tool for communication and sharing of information. With increased internet connectivity in most parts of the world, a website that you develop has the ability to reach millions of people the world over.

For a business, this is the best form of marketing that you can get for your brand of products. The more people view your product the more likely they are to purchase that product and this is good for business.

If you are an artist and you are looking for the best way to display your works of art then you will need your website designed in a manner that makes it easy for your clients to view your creations and direct them on how they can get to you for further buying information.

All these is possible if you use the right tools for web design and development. We have therefore compiled this guide on the 10 remarkable ideas for your next web project. We believe that if you implement these ideas for your next web project then you are on the right path to making your website attractive and user-friendly.

Semi-Circular menus are the bomb.

Most website implement either vertical or horizontal menus in their design. These formats are very common that there is nothing impressive and attractive about them. Fortunately, there are semi-circular menus that you can implement for your website that gives it that “wow” effect.

What is so impressive about semi-circular menus is that they can be positioned anywhere on the website to great effect. Whether you position it at the top, bottom or by the sides of your website, these semi-circular menus are a great way to make your website even more interactive.

circular menu free

What makes semi-circular menus stand out from the rest is that they have slight animation features about them that greatly enhance the visitor’s experience.

Make the 404 error page as interesting as possible.

Online users have a short attention span and the slightest of triggers can easily make them abandon a website. One of this triggers is the 404 error page. As annoying as the 404 error page is, web designers are tasked with ensuring that this error page is as interesting and engaging as possible. How so?

You can customize your 404 error page in such a manner that should it occur as a visitor is on the page, it will have links that will direct him or her to other pages of your website such as the homepage or the most popular posts page.

404 error page winter snow

This way you will not lose your visitors and this is a sure way to make your website user-friendly and easily assessable.

Websites have lost a lot of visitors because of this annoying error page and with this impressive tool, the problem ends now.

Give your website the exposure it deserves.

This is the ultimate goal of every web developer; to make their website more visible. This way you will be able to market your brands better.

You are probably wondering how you are going to achieve this. What tools to use so as to attain this ultimate goal of increased exposure for your website?

In this regard, there are vector icons to help you do just that. Vector icons are impressive tools to increase the click rate of your website.

Those that are self-explanatory are even better considering that a visitor will have a look at it and as they click they will know where exactly that link will take them.

free vector icons

As a web designer, this is a must-have resource tool for your next web project.

These icons are available for different categories such as business, kitchen/restaurant as well as lifesaving medical icons. As a developer, you should go with the package that includes icons from all these categories as this gives you more options for your design.

Use an impressive theme for all your websites

The appearance of your website determines if a visitors will spend an extra minute of the precious time on it or they will log out the minute the website loads up on their browser. As a designer, this is something that you definitely do not want to compromise on because it can render your work “worthless”.

You should aim to make the appearance of your website as attractive as you possibly can with different WordPress themes designed to make your website colorful and easy on the eye.

The theme you use should have different sections such as the Homepage, an About Us section as well as a Services section and as Contact Us section.

free business wordpress theme

This way you are able to put all the information that you feel is relevant about the website with minimal fuss.

Outstanding Backgrounds are a must have for every website.

People with short attention spans will not bother to linger on your website if it doesn’t look great. This is a challenge to all web designers to ensure that the websites they create are attractive and sexy.

marble vector backgrounds

There is no better way to do this than with vector backgrounds with painted marble effects. These backgrounds are so amazing such that any visitor to your site will have no option but to linger a little bit longer than they expected to.

This way they will be able to view more of the brands that you are promoting.

Make the website unique from the rest.

We live in a society where what is different is found intriguing and it is therefore adored. It is this mentality that you should use for you next web project. Make your website unique and see its online visibility skyrocket to amazing standards.

There are design tools to help you in this regard and one of them is a GoldLine WordPress blog theme.

free wordpress blog theme

This theme offers you a beautiful topography that to display you brand and other works of art. It also has social sharing features that allow visitors to share the content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social sharing can greatly promote your brand.

Most businesses are not growing because their websites lack social sharing capabilities. In today’s internet age how well your website is linked to social media platforms can greatly impact your online social presence.

You can achieve this by implementing a variety of social sharing plugins that allow your users to share your website content on their social media handles.

What these plugins do is give you free marketing on the ever-present social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter among others.

Customize your log in

If the website you are about to develop will require clients to fill in certain details such as a username and a password before they can assess the website resources, then you should customize the login page and make it user-friendly and attractive.

Shun the white log in forms that are boring and monotonous and implement a beautiful custom log in form.

The custom log in form will be more effective if it comes with the logo of the website. This way clients are sure that they are at the right place.

tesla custom login free

Its background should be customized in different sets of colors so as to make it even more appealing.

This goes a long way in building up the anticipation of the client as fill their credentials and this is a sure way to make your website user-friendly and engaging.

Use impressive slideshow effects.

If you are going to create a website the will be used shows different products then you better use this impressive set of sliders to do that.

The ease at which the display changes from one product to the next greatly influences the efficiency of your website. This set of sliders allows you to easily navigate the different products.

jquery slider ken burns

If the sliders have image zooming and panning capabilities then that is even more impressive as you will be able to identify an image in the slide show and select it out for further analysis.

Use amazing fonts on your website.

The text format you use on your website plays a part in making your website attractive and appealing. Apart from being readable, the text should be in a font that is easy on the eye.

Calligraphic fonts are a great way to achieve this. The fonts in upper case and lower case are easily readable no matter the font size. The punctuation marks are also easily readable in this font.

free calligraphic font

When they are modified in different variations they become very attractive and they will definitely make your website intriguing and user-friendly.

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