In Photo Editing, knowing the right tools to use is essential if we want to exploit the full potential of our images. And, in this case, Photoshop Lightroom is now one the most powerful photo editing software we can use for post-processing our pictures.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to get balanced contrasts, more vivid colors or getting a high quality of black&whites if we are not quite familiarized with this software. But fortunately, we can turn to use Presets which automatically do the work for us, applying specific effects, enhancers, light corrections, etc... That's when the Photo Editing becomes a pleasure because we can (improve our work/obtain impressive results) in just a few seconds.

One of the "best seller" Lightroom Presets Pack is the "50 Premium Lightroom Presets / Vol.1" from Prima Design. All Presets have been tested to work on Lightroom 4 and 5 and that's the first of 3 packs full of a big assorted variety of beautiful effects and useful corrections specially designed for professional photographers and graphic designers.

The best thing about these Presets is that all they are very easy to use, just one click and they will apply the effect you choose in a few. An easy way to save time, giving our work a professional touch and letting our images achieve their full potential.

Check out these packs and enjoy!

50PremiumLightroomPresets_Vol1_by PrismaDesign_Preview

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If you like, you can complete this Preset Pack Collection with Vol.2, the 50 Premium Lightroom Presets / Vol.2.


And Vol.3, the 50 Premium Lightroom Presets / Vol.3.



  • Callum Chapman
    What a wonderful set of presets. Fantastic job and more than fair price. Thanks for the work you put in to these.
  • Daniel Schwarz
    Awesome presets, Great work! :)
  • Tarek Anandan
    Love them! Great finding, alex!
  • Kenneth Rami
    Very Nice, I love the Vol.3, Thank You!
  • Graphic Design
    Very nice and beautiful collection
  • Arianna
    Hey it is really a very wonderful tool that I never come to know. How much cost it will effect to me If I would like to buy this for me. Thanks