Looking at the prospects of pursuing a career in emojis and their creative use in today's world.

Should You Pursue Emoji Designing As a Hobby?

Don't we all love sending emojis? Haven't the cute little images made us laugh out loud at times? Surely they did. From the day they were first released, emojis have taken the internet by storm. It has so happened that we can't think of writing a sentence without adding some smileys or hearts at the end. Their colorful and cute faces are bound to light up your mood. Most times, we send emojis intuitively, simply by reflex, taking for granted that the person on the other end will easily understand the feelings that we are experiencing. Emojis have indeed made texting easy. And not only on social networking sites, but now we also have emojis in games too.

emoji designer

illustration by Ana Miminoshvili

We all love using social networking sites, and you must agree that one of the big reasons is the rich set of emojis they provide. Starting from only a handful, we now have emojis for each and every facial expression and action in our daily lives. Amazing, isn't it? Thank the emoji designers, who tirelessly work each day to make them as attractive and descriptive as possible. A large part of this process depends on how people will accept these emojis and use them in their daily lives; they spend hours debating which emotions to portray, what relationships to show, and what innovation they can bring in.

design emoji

illustration by sahil bajaj

Career Options for the Emoji-Obsessed

Do you love replacing text with emojis often? Are you an avid sketcher who loves to draw cartoon faces in your leisure time? Do you often surf through your emoji tray to search for the newest emojis? If you have got ticks in all the boxes, a career revolving around emojis might be best suited for you. Here are a few options for you to explore and choose from as a career in the future.

Emoji Translator

If you are confident enough with all the emojis currently in use right now or consider yourself competent enough to accurately tell what each and every emoji portrays, being an emoji translator can be your dream job. With the rapid increase in virtual interactions over the years coupled with the advancements in social media, emoji translators are being hired into various companies to study and analyze the way people are using these cute little faces and icons. You might also have to interpret how these emojis are being used in a vast demographic and emotional context.

design emoji

illustration by ECHREZA

Graphic Designing

If drawing and designing stuff is your hobby, you can make a successful career in graphic designing. With tons of career options and content to showcase your design ideas upon, your killer emoji-making skills could prove to be pretty sleek and useful. Just sit back and create emojis that are in great demand, such as social media emojis and gaming emojis. Popular celebs like Kim Kardashian even went to the extent of owning an entire emoji collection launching a brand new emoji keyboard.

Social Media Manager

Obviously, a social media manager must be adept at emojis, even consider it his first language. We all know that social media professionals are experts in making content more interactive and appealing; emojis are the perfect tool to make your posts a bit more quirky with a little touch of cheekiness. So why not work for some big company across the various social media platforms in increasing their social media presence with attractive content.

Marketing Coordinator

If you aren't aware, emojis have forayed into the marketplaces too. Emojis have become the trendiest form of communication, and marketing professionals need the entire set of emoji arsenal to successfully convey their message in a crisp and concise manner. Technically, if you are into today's world of marketing, you must already know the various emojis and the styles used by heart. That makes you the perfect candidate for handling the role of a market coordinator.

Content or Editorial Writer

Are you tired of reading long clumsy sentences? Do you find the content flat and unattractive? Can you convey the message in a smart and concise manner? So why not try putting your writing skills to use? And a good knowledge of emojis will prove to be a bonus skill. To reach out to the people and make them read, writers need to speak in the language that is popularly used. And, with the extensive texting and sharing of emojis, it's time to add them to your creative writing.


With tons of options and lots of open prospects in the future, running with emojis might not be a bad option after all.


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