The clock as an object of worship has proven to be much more than a simple ornament on the wrist; rather, it is a clear indicator that describes our style, our tastes and our purchasing power. In many cases, the purchase of a good watch is comparable to a future investment because we know that certain watchmaking parts will be revalued over time. But we must learn to distinguish models, brands, years and prices to succeed with our choice.

That is precisely why, when we consider buying a watch, we must be very cold and cannot get carried away by impulses. The purchase of a good watch is something that we should consider slowly and carry out after deep reflection because, if we make the wrong decision, that investment may not be as productive as we thought.

Probably many people get carried away for emotional reasons only when buying a watch; however, there are two words with which we can justify for our peace of mind a purchase of this type: swiss made (made in Switzerland).

But what does ‘made in Switzerland’ really mean?

The most important reason to invest in watches produced in the Swiss country is its manufacturing, since the standards with which the Swiss Government grants its certifications are very strict and are conferred both on the production of parts and assemblies made within its territory .

What happens is that it is not the same thing that is made in Switzerland to be a Swiss movement because we call swiss made to Swiss assembled watches that have at least 51% of their parts made in Switzerland compared to other watches that may have Swiss movements but that are assembled outside that country. This nuance substantially differentiates a Swiss made watch from another that is not in essence and we must take it into account when planning our investment in a watch.

Perpetuity assured?

The large amount of money to be invested in a Swiss made watch, such as Rolex Submariner, can lead us to think that, in this way, our economic investment will last over time with total security. Of course, this does not exempt the occurrence of unforeseen events of all kinds that affect the value of our investment, such as losses, accidents due to misuse or interventions by friends of others. The good maintenance of the watch as well as the replacement or not of some of its parts will also be variable to take into account, depending on the model chosen, to preserve the integrity of our economic investment.

What we can be sure of is that Swiss made watches, in themselves, are made to last and last in perfect time, since they represent the purest concept of what is luxury, quality taken to the extreme of excellence; It is also possible to think that it is precisely for this reason that watches are one of the most present assets in inheritance cases.

There are models of watches that have varied very little in their design or construction over the decades: mythical models of all time. That is because brands, realizing that they have a formula that works for a particular watch or movement, use the smartest posture in that case: keep the model, design, movement ...


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