Everyone wants their readers to like their website, but how do you go beyond just liking so that your readers actually love going to your website? The truly special website that attracts a devoted readership has certain characteristics that work to inspire a love for visiting that site. Here are six of the special features common among websites that successfully inspire their readers to love them:

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Make it Real

No one likes to visit with someone who is a phoney, and in the same way no one wants to spend time on a website that feels fake. It is far better to be honest, and perhaps show some of your weaknesses and flaws, than to try to project a false persona that doesn't feel real. Websites that don't feel authentic are unlikely to be loved. Inject your own personality into the content you post as well as in the aesthetics, and don't forget the need to define your website as a whole with a relevant logo design.

Make It Visual

No matter how well written, people are simply less likely to engage with content that lacks a visual element. That obviously means you should use pictures and graphics. Images always enhance a site and eye-catching imagery will certainly help to engage as well as inform. For some niches the use of images is more important, logo design companies or interior stylists for instance. Here the content is as much about the visual elements as it is about the written word. Supporting your content with pictures can also aid you in getting your point across!\

Make It Relevant (and current)

One key to inspiring your readership is knowing who they are and what they want to know. Success in any sphere relies on understanding just who your target market are and when it comes to websites knowing who is visiting you regularly will stand you in good stead. Checking out comments and identifying the regular commentators as well as looking at who is following you on Twitter can help you produce content that will keep them coming back for more as well as inspiring others to join the party.

Make sure you keep your site up to date. The online world moves fast and audiences will quickly move on elsewhere if you fail to give them something new on a regular basis. Post new content once or twice a week should ensure your readers do not get bored. Likewise, if you set your site up to focus on one particular topic or associated topics, then stick to it. That said, there is nothing wrong in adding a category where you can unleash a wide variety of your own musings, just don’t let it become the sole focus of your postings. Try to limit such random posts to just two or three a month.

Make It Original

Although pictures and videos are to be found for your website all over the Internet, never underestimate the power of originality. When you are the one who took the picture or filmed the video that means no one else can have the exact same thing on their website. Frankly there is nothing that readers love more than a site they know will give them material both visual and written that are not to be found elsewhere.

Make It Well Written

Your pictures, logos and videos, no matter how original or well done, simply can't have their full impact unless united by good written text. The words are what tell the reader the context in which everything else appears, so bad writing can ruin everything else in the post. Your readers will love you for making the extra effort to write the best that you can.

Make It Positive

No matter what the subject of your website, make the overall message a positive one. That doesn't mean you can't address negative topics, just be sure you offer positive solutions to go with it. Readers love websites that make them feel positive about things, so seek to inspire them whatever the topic you write about.

Creating an inspirational website will take time and effort, the best sites out there have been in the making for years and have developed a loyal following in that time as well as being able to attract new audiences. Perhaps the 7th point to this article should be ‘make it with patience!’


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