Consumers today are overexposed to a copious amount of marketing techniques that tend to blur together into one big mass of overstimulation. To market your product or service, innovative techniques need to be utilized that make it truly stand out from the rest of the pack, rather than blend in with the noise.


Traditional techniques such as television advertisements, newspaper notices or even email notifications are not innovative enough on their own to make consumers take notice. While these outlets do provide a great deal of benefits and opportunity, brainstorming more unique and innovative marketing tactics can provide you with not only more exposure, but also a higher quality of consumer interest, as the creative and distinctive company is becoming more and more valuable in today’s market. Here’s a look at some cool and creative ways to market your product or service.

Connect with bloggers

Bloggers provide a special opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” looking into your potential target markets lives. Many focus on particular topics and share personal information through the publication of articles with reciprocation from their readers in the form of comments that gives you as a company a good idea of their personal experiences, likes and dislikes.


There are millions of blogs and bloggers worldwide, and many have a big influence over what their readers choose to buy. Their recommendations are like gold. Find the bloggers that reach your particular target market and propose a giveaway on their website with your product. Of course many times you will need to send them a sample before, so that they can genuinely endorse your product. Giveaways generate a lot of traffic because readers see an opportunity to get something cool for free. Coming up with a creative giveaway concept that doesn’t make your readers work too hard is also very important. Also consider that bloggers can market the giveaway on social media, which can give you an extra boost of exposure.

Think of your target markets daily habits


Many people tend to take in more when they are a “captive audience”. When you have nothing else to do besides take in your surroundings you tend to notice more. Some examples of these situations include inside the metro or bus, tray tables on an airplane or at the back of a bathroom stall door. Here are some examples of weirdly effective ideas, to spur inspiration for unique advertising places. When you advertise in these innovative locations, it is also important to have a really creative idea so that the concept matches the unique placement.

Provide samples of your product


You know your product is great, now let everyone else know. People will be much more likely to try your product if it comes at no cost to them. Are you already partnered with a particular store? Ask them to giveaway free samples to customers. Or, try an even more personalized method by sending your product to potential customers. Market your product via social media or your company website. Ask potential customers to sign up for a sample mailing. A good concept could be to mail them the first sample for free and then ask if they would like to receive samples of other products or new releases for a small fee in the future. This way you establish a concrete group that won’t just throw the sample away. This tactic can definitely quickly become expensive so know exactly what message you want to send with your sample, exactly how to promote your product with samples. And try to cut costs whenever possible, especially for things like your sample packaging.

Sponsor a good cause


Social responsibility is a very important characteristic of a successful company. Though sponsoring a good cause provides many unselfish benefits, it can also be a way to market your product or service. This can be done through creating a partnership with a charity program, or perhaps hosting a charity event. You can sell your product or service at the event. The proceeds can be shared between the cause and your profits. This gives potential customers to have a chance to get exposure to your product, while building your reputation as a company that is generous too!


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