One of the most incredible forms of artwork to literally hit the streets in the last few years is 3D optical illusions. This is where the artist draws a piece that, when viewed from a specific angle, looks like a very realistic, 3D scene. Artists transform posters, sidewalks, and other structures into whole other worlds, often using only chalk.

In this collection, we chose to focus on street art. These artists are often hired to promote a brand, but many do their work for the simple fun of producing great art. A great way to gain exposure as a new artist is to create your own 3D street art and place it on your website or do a social media blast of the images. So take a look at the following incredible 3D optical illusion artworks and let them inspire you to create your own inspiring designs.

Nikolaj Arndt

The Dark Knight Rises

Kurt Wenner

Optical Illusion

Guinnes World Record 3d

Berlin, Germany

Edgar Mueller


Julian Beever


Kurt Wenner

Martin Ron, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beijing, China

Joe Hill

GE Healthcare

Who to Believe


Optical Illusion

3D Illusion by Jack Tan

Michael Macaulay


3D Antenna Telescopes

Edgar Mueller



National Day by Leon Keer

Kemerovo Institute of Culture, Kemerovo, Russia

Lego Army

Kurt Wenner - Spiderman


Any of these your favorite? Or is there a 3D street art example that you think should have been included?


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