Chocolate is to sweet-toothed people what water is to fish – some of us couldn't live without it. Packaging is a critical component for chocolate-based products since all chocolate lovers want to enjoy their favorite thing.

Because of the worldwide increase in chocolate, the demand for packaging in the confectionery industry is constantly increasing, and thus the winning alternatives for perfect packaging are also increasing.

chocolate packaging

Chocolate Packaging by Jordan Cullen

Chocolate is one of the most popular products. It can be packaged in various ways to make the product recognizable and appealing while maintaining its unique attributes.

Here, we will look at how to protect the chocolates in a better way to avoid any damages.

Chocolate Packaging

As a chocolate manufacturer, you put all your efforts into procuring the best cocoa. Next, you follow a series of processes. Voila! Your chocolates are ready. However, if your customer receives a damaged piece of chocolate, your brand reputation hampers.

The most important factor in ensuring your chocolate's safety is the packaging. Chocolate safety is essential for consumers' well-being and health. The packaged chocolate is subjected to shipment and material handling. Chocolate safety can be put at risk if the packaging is not maintained correctly and evaluated. External elements, pollutants, temperature, physical damage, and other factors are all protected by packaging. As a result, having proper packaging ensures the safety of your chocolates.

Additionally, if your chocolate will undergo shipping or needs to be stored for an extended period, there are chances of contamination. That is one of the primary reasons why proper packaging and packaging integrity testing are critical to ensure the safety of your chocolates.

Apart from that, packaging can significantly relate to its durability. The truth is that proper packaging extends the shelf life of food products significantly. On the other hand, poor and ineffective packaging results in a shorter shelf life, which leads to chocolate safety issues. It’s a general perception that storing food at low temperatures can extend its shelf life. This fact, even so, is only partly right. If the chocolate within the package gets exposed to oxygen, it will disintegrate. As a result, proper and adequate packaging integrity must be ensured to prevent the chocolate's exposure to air.

Freshness and chocolate quality preservation is possible with proper packaging. Thus, with modern packaging applications, chocolate manufacturers can now provide fresh and safe chocolate to the end-users. Chocolate lovers can enjoy imported chocolates since the appropriate packaging will maintain its freshness and shelf life.

But how to prevent the chocolate from breaking and reaching the customer safely?

The answer is candy pads.

Candy Pads For Your Chocolate

You open a new box of chocolates, take the top off, and the next thing you should see is a multi-facet pad securing the tasty chocolates under.

So, what are candy pads?

chocolate package

Candy pads are 3ply, 5ply or 7ply with glassine bottoms that come in numerous colours or are customized as per your brand. The aim is to protect your chocolates from any potential damage during transportation. On the other hand, candy pads can differentiate layers in a multi-layer crate, and candy pads create a layer separation. Moreover, candy pads can also lead to food safety since the material of the candy pad is 100% food grade. Also, they protect the chocolate packaging from the cocoa spread in the chocolates.

The function of Candy Pads

Candy pads protect your chocolates, confections, treats. It fits pleasantly in chocolate boxes and candy tins.

It will give a pad-like cushion to chocolates, just like a spring. It will spring the candy against the cover and guard the chocolates while moving and delivering. So, when you open the chocolates, you will not see any chocolates broken into pieces no matter how long they travelled.

Candy pads have multifaceted paper, of which the inside is designed like spring. These little "springs" go about as padding for confections, and they will hold chocolates back from separating.

Brand proprietors plan their food packaging with an excellent style to appeal to consumers. Simultaneously, the safety of food packaging is more significant. If you have a one-of-a-kind taste for your chocolate but reach the customers in disintegrated form, then all your efforts will go in vain. On the other hand, when you have an exceptional taste with great packing, the customers will love unpacking it. They will eat it with the same enthusiasm. So, keep your chocolates intact and in shape with good packaging and custom candy pads.

Custom Candy Pads

Since candy pads have high demand in chocolate packaging because they have many uses, we offer custom candy pads for your brand to meet the distinct needs of chocolate manufactures.

Candy pads make packing your chocolates simple while maintaining a professional appearance. Candy and confectionaries will be protected from touching and stroking against the inside of your packages. At the same time, candy pad is also a good way of advertising, you can print the brand logo or slogan on it.

Final words

Always make sure your chocolate is packaged safely and effectively using the appropriate materials. With so many benefits, we can rightly say that custom candy pads make the best win while you are planning to deliver chocolates.


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