Everybody needs good skills in reading and comprehension. Even if you are just young and still learning your A-B-C, reading is already a skill that needs to be developed. As you grow older, English reading and comprehension become important in your daily tasks at school and even at work. But people need to understand that English reading does not just mean being able to read English words. It also involves effective reading comprehension. Being able to read English and understand what you have read is important for everyone. Your English reading skills can influence your capacity as a student and even as an employee. It is important to find ways that will help you improve your reading and comprehension.

Tips in Increasing Your English Reading Abilities

how to increase your english reading abilities

Reading by Uran

Make time for reading

As they say, practice makes perfect. It is important that you make time for reading so you can get used to it and make it a routine, daily ritual, or even a hobby. Daily reading will help you become more efficient in your reading and comprehension skills. Choose a time where you will enjoy reading. Treat it as your relaxation and quiet time.

Choose the right books

Pick books you find really interesting. This will help you enjoy reading more. If you read books you dislike, then you will get bored and just stop reading. Know the topics that interest you the most; if you like fictional stories, then find a fiction book and start reading.


Be sure you understand every line or sentence that you read. In case there are things that you do not understand, you can search for it. This way, reading will be a breeze, and you will understand everything up to the end. It is not just the reading that is important; it is also vital that you understand everything about what you have just read.

Practice fluency

Fluency is the manner of how smoothly you can read. Practice reading aloud. This will practice your fluency in reading. Hearing your voice and diction will also give you the prompt to improve your reading abilities.

Be conscious of your pronunciation and enunciation

Reading aloud will help you see how well you pronounce words. It is important that your words are understandable and well defined. Pronounce the words well and see how better your reading sounds.

Ask questions

After reading, ask yourself a lot of questions about what you have read. This will further help you understand the content. Comprehension is as important as your ability to read.

Repeat reading

This is good as you can improve your pace and the quality of your reading when you read the same text again.

Choose different reading materials

Having variations with the reading materials will help you gather more reading skills. Read books, newspapers, poems, or even an encyclopedia. Making reading your habit will improve your English reading skills considerably.

how to increaser english reading abilities

Books App Illustration by Krestovskaya Anna

Reading is such a beautiful activity. It is like going on a journey without moving your feet. It will help you gain more knowledge and even learn new skills. When you have become better in your English reading and writing skills, you can offer writing paper help to those who need it. It is just important that you can increase your capabilities and abilities to read and comprehend English very well.

While still young, English reading skills can be developed and improved. This way, this will just be a normal part of your daily life as you grow older.


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