There are a lot of different variations of web development learning techniques, but at first, it’s really important that you would start with the basics to understand all other steps. Numerous web development projects will be in line if you are an IT expert but unless you do not do it practically, you won’t learn. Basics of web development helps you learn the essential tips and examples that get shared with the users for implementation. Starting off smoothly with web development will help you learn various aspects of it. Here is a quick way to get started with web development on your own.

how to get started with web development

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What is Web Development?

  • Learning Basics
  • Designing
  • Articles & Research
  • Free Resources
  • Designing Skills
  • Learning Concepts
  • Text Editor
  • Frameworks Usage
  • Tracking of Bugs

Additional Sources to Learn

What is Web Development?

The tasks which are related to the website creation and its development hosted on the internet is known as web development. There is an entire process which a professional of web development needs to learn. It includes the content of the website, designing, coding, configurations and other necessary tasks.

Once you know about the base concept of web development, you will be able to handle it very well. Make notes and practice until you are successful in making a website.

Learning Basics

There are basics of web development included as first learning.It clears out any obstacles which are there in your brain regarding designing or programming of the web.

It includes the coding on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It starts with the coding in detail. The basics of programming languages help you explore and make unique websites.


Next is the step to design the website. There are basic tools which are used to build the concept of the website. You have to think like a designer when you are working as a web developer. It needs your creativity to excel in this topic.

Articles & Research

One of the main tasks for web development is that you do have to do your research to gain knowledge. Web development requires you to scroll through the books and articles as well as codes of other people. You have to generate something which is unique and not present in the market before. You can make use of libraries which are free to access on the projects to get inspiration from it.

Free Resources

You get to explore the software products with on hands experience while dealing with web development practically. There are various resources which you can use beside the tutorial to help you learn about web development.

Designing Skills

Get the designer tool which helps you in designing anything you want. The most popular one is Sketch and Photoshop which people use for their creativity. It saves you cost and time both when you are working on this software.

Learning Concepts

It clears the concept about the tools used for a certain action. From identification until monitoring, all requirements need to get filled. You can look at some popular examples such as Basecamp, Trello, RedMine and more to get help.

Text Editor

The selection of text editor will make your life easier when you are working on the web development. It needs to be friendly to use, and for smooth programming, you have to look for multiple options like Notepad, Vim and more.

Frameworks Usage

The selection of the framework needs to be unique and new. You have a variety of options to choose from like Bootstrap and Ember.

Tracking of Bugs

To make your web development successful, always find the solution to deal with bugs in the beginning. Do not wait till the end to get hit with a bug and then you will troubleshoot but set up the automatic system to deal with it at the back end.

Additional Sources to Learn

There are many additional sources of learning that can help you become a better web developer. It is an online learning platform for people who are looking for learning digital skills. The courses available at BitDegree teach the skills which are applicable in the real world regarding graphic designing, programming, web development and more.


Different level web developers are in high-demand in the job market all around the world these days and everyone who is interested into entering this market has all the tools and resources available. As nothing comes easily, so is learning web development, but by following these guidelines, step-by-step you can gain the needed knowledge and develop your skills in order to become an expert in the field.


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