For years, I have been quite intrigued with the idea of designing the interiors of my rented apartments. It gives me serious motivation. It often keeps my mood elevated.

And that is when I found the peel and stick paper. It works fine when you are creative in wanting to decorate the indoors. These are actually temporary wallpapers.

If you too want to use your creativity to change your apartment/room/house’s interiors, these are the best to explore and use.

wallpaper pattern inspiration

Below, read the steps to build your creativity for temporary house wallpapers. These steps help you design and use custom wallpapers for a better mood and ambiance indoors.

Choose the pattern

You have to get an idea about the pattern. This is the initial idea that formulates in your mind. After that, you find the online store dealing with the peel and stick paper.

And online stores give you a better stream of choices. From there, you can enhance the scope of your ideas about the sticky or temporary wallpaper to use.

Choose the color

When you have an idea about the pattern and the site is also available to you, move onto the color choice.

You have to get prior ideas about the color palette and its relationship with different celebrations and moods.

For instance, bright colors would make anyone feel joy, light, happy, and relaxed. Whereas darker or warmer colors are better for winters, romantic, dark, sensuous mood.

It’s also the color that relates to your dark and gloomy moods or when you want to introduce a formal setting indoors.

Choose an occasion

You can choose the patterns and colors as per the occasion and mood too. For example, for summers, you can buy brighter and colorful wallpapers. Meanwhile, for winters or fall, you can buy minimalistic, darker, or warmer temporary wallpapers with custom measurements.

bedroom wallpaper pattern inspiration

Decide the size and shape

Simply planning to buy a pattern and colored paper is not enough for your creativity.

Make sure you know the exact size and shape of the wallpaper. To know so, first, take the room’s measurements. Know the exact space and shape where you are going to use the creative/funky/colorful peel and stick paper.

Later on, you can then fill the forms online or contact the temporary wallpaper manufacturers. They will understand your needs for a defined size and shape of the wallpaper.

Then the next process can come into place within a few hours or days.

Have a look at the digital sample

This is the most crucial step of your creativity coming to life in regards to the home décor. Once you have listed the shape and size of the wallpaper, some sites might allow you to see the instant sample of the same. It’s available digitally.

However, at times, the manufacturers will give you the sample personally by email or at your registered contact detail. They do so when your measurements should be exact, even when those are quite complicated in shape.

Get the sample design delivered to your home

Simply being satisfied with the sample generated online does not make you the real artist. You have to know whether your creativity is really working fine for the room/apartment/floor’s environment or not.

For that, you must place an order for a sample wallpaper.

It might take about 3-7 business days for it to be received. Then, you can see whether the sample wallpaper is really fitting the need of your powder room wallpaper or not.

room wallpaper pattern inspiration

At this particular stage, try to test the measurements and see if they are correct as per the information provided by you earlier. Then, you can make the final changes before ordering the final temporary wallpaper for your rented or permanent room or apartment.

Place or replace the final wallpaper

Once convinced, contact the dealer. They might be in direct contact with you at this moment. Or, place the final order with the measure or the finalized measurements.

Wait 3-7 days and start using the temporary wallpaper made out of your creative mind and the choices that were widely available online.

Note: Any powder room wallpaper is best for the rented apartments and rooms. That is majorly because these wallpapers are temporary. So, in case you are constantly on the move year after another, that’s a good idea to explore your creative mind simultaneously.


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