New trends in wedding dresses make it difficult to choose just one. If possible, you’d want to wear them all. That is not possible unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on several wedding dresses and reception dresses. You’ll have to choose one and if you’re on a tight budget, that one may be a simple off-the-rack dress that you’ll have to design on your own. But that’s probably the best thing—being allowed to put your own personality into the dress will make it even more special.

Go choose a dress that is simple yet classic. Just make sure the silhouette will compliment your figure. Subtle dresses are the best ones to add special details to. They’re also more affordable since there are fewer embellishments on them. You just need a couple of weeks to breathe life into this dress. Here are some ways to jazz up that dress:


You’ll wear your engagement ring and wedding ring on your day, but other accessories will make your dress a head-turner, too. A big statement necklace or a fascinator will fit well the lines of a simple unembellished dress. If it’s a beach wedding, get your hair down and weave in some rhinestones or crystals into the curls. You can also wear a flower crown for a more magical look.

For a more vintage approach, how about a pair of gloves that reaches your elbows or a brooch that has a special meaning for you? Choosing the accessories is equally important because they will give your dress a different look. Just don’t go overboard with accessorizing because like everything in life, anything too much can be bad.

Long Veil

The veil is an iconic bridal accessory. You may not be a fan of it, but you can’t deny its charm. You don’t need the veil to cover your face if you don’t believe in the tradition. However, a long veil swept to the back can add elegance to your dress. If your dress has a simple design and plain bodice, choose an extravagant veil that will be one of the focal points of your overall look. Your veil doesn’t have to be plain. A dramatic one made with two layers of tulle with lace on the edge is always a winner.


If you’re not a fan of veils, you can also place a big bow at the back of your dress. It’s a statement that will wow your partner and wedding guests. It’s a sweet and demure accent that’s perfect for dresses with a slim bodice. Try not to pair this up with A-line and princess cut silhouettes because they’ll make the dresses feel heavy. If you do not like it at the back of your dress, you can place it on one shoulder.

The best thing about bows is that the style can be incorporated into different materials—tulle, chiffon, silk, and lace. It will still have the same impact. It’s an over-the-top embellishment that doesn’t feel forced.


Do you have more time to jazz up your simple dress? Then, appliques are the answer. For a more classical and vintage look, go for lace appliques that you can tape or sew to the bodice of your wedding dress. If it has a sweetheart neckline, you can line it with beads, crystals, sequins, and rhinestones. Is it a plain backless dress? Then, draw attention to your back by sewing beads and lace appliques along the lines.

Tailor It

A good fit is the best wedding dress. No matter if your dress is simple and plain, if it’s a good fit, then it’s better than a super embellished one that falls off your shoulders. Remember this as you try to style your wedding dress on your own. The priority is for the dress to fit snugly in your body. Everything else is secondary.

You can alter your mom’s old wedding dress—shorten the sleeve, make it backless, replace the zippers, and add details on the bodies—and still make it look extraordinary if it has the perfect fit. Make sure to fit the dress a couple of days before the wedding. That will give you enough time to make adjustments.

Make up your mind when it comes to designing your dress. You can’t fit everything—bolero, tiara, statement earrings, necklace, etc.—and not look confusing. Stick to one bold detail on your dress. Make that accent the focal point of the dress and it’ll be something everyone remembers. And as long as you feel comfortable in it and resolute in your decision to get married, you’ll have the grandest of time no matter what you wear.


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