Technology has become very integrated into today's mainstream society, but sometimes it becomes so mundane that we don't even think about how much it's helped us over the years. Today, the world of online financial services and automation makes it possible to do so many things faster than they've been done in the past, and there are five ways in particular that technology has done this.

1. Online Food Ordering Services

food delivery app ordering

Food Delivery App by Tino Design

Fast food has become even faster now that many restaurant chains have online and mobile ordering available. Instead of getting stuck behind a long line of people when you're ready to go get lunch, you can just pull up the restaurant's app and order before you get there, and once you arrive your food is ready. Some grocery stores and large retailers even have grocery ordering systems where you can order the food you want and have it brought right out to your car when you show up. Or, if you prefer to have your groceries or favorite fast food items delivered to your home you can do that now with just the press of a button.

2. Transportation Booking And Ride Sharing Services

ride sharing app concept

Scooter Sharing App by Sang Park

If you're in a situation where you need to book a last minute flight or catch a bus ride out of town, many notable transportation and logistics companies have apps that you can get tickets even at the last minute or for emergency situations. All you have to do is go to the transportation line's app and book a ticket, or in some cases you may be able to get special deals using a third party booking service and compare rates or find cheaper tickets. But even more so, booking transportation can be even easier using a ride sharing service because instead of being subject to high taxi rates, you only pay for the distance you need to go. Plus these apps have built in GPS so you can see where your ride is and where you're going, a major step up from the old days of hailing a taxi.

3. Online Banking And Loan Services

In today's world, it's now possible to bank or to use prepaid debit cards without needing to visit a brick and mortar location. Online banks sometimes even offer better rates and better terms for both personal and business accounts, and in some cases they're connected to large ATM networks that allow for easy cash withdrawals.

But beyond just online banking, there are also money lending services for unexpected emergency circumstances like installment loans from direct lenders. These can help you when you are in need of an emergency loan when you find yourself in an unexpected financial predicament. Applying for these loans can be done online, and it may be easier to get approved than with a loan from a bank.

4. Telecom, Entertainment And Media Viewing Services

In the past, whenever you wanted to watch cable television or check out the latest music or movies, you'd usually have to do very careful, and shop around to make sure you signed up with the right providers. Many of the cable and telecom companies have been known to set cheap prices early on their customers, but then raise them to very high levels in the coming years. Plus they often lock customers up in major contracts that come with installation fees, activation fees and early termination fees. But now thanks to prepay cell phone plans, ala carte online TV streaming services and even online movie rental services, you can completely bypass the cable companies and watch your favorite entertainment on a TV streaming device, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Instead of paying exorbitant fees and being stuck in contracts, your communication and personal entertainment can be purchased only when you want it.

5. Education and Classroom Instruction Services

Education and Classroom Instruction Services

Beyond just life at home, academia has also found a use for much of today's technology. At the elementary and middle school levels, software and app developers have started giving teachers the tools to help keep children engaged in the classroom using certain apps to both teach subjects and encourage participation. In some cases, the apps used in classrooms have settings where the parents can also be highly involved by having access to their class apps to keep track of their child's progress.  new education tech is also helpful at the college level for when students take online courses and submit homework and take tests. Instead of having to live on campus in order to attend classes, you can take many of them from home now and even complete tests online in some cases.

Technology is continuing to evolve and enable people to do things that may not have been possible even just 10 years ago. As businesses and financial institutions continue to innovate, the world will become faster and have more opportunities to gain new experiences and learn of things you may have never thought.


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