In the post we have rounded 15 different Facebook redesigns by different web designers in which they portray their seeing of the layout. We really think Facebook needs a modern facelift. Some of the designs could have actually worked and I would prefer some to the current design, but you can’t please everyone can you? As you can see there is definitely a possibility for a lot of change in the future. Its always nice seeing how other view a scenario and then compare it to the real one.

Let’s see what the web designers came up with and which ones you like.

Facebook Concept Redesign


Facebook Redesign by Freestyler92

Facebook Redesign by jonaska

Facebook Re-Design by AndasoloARTS

Facebook redesign by Peter Knoll

Facebook Re-Design by Linds37

Facebook Messenger Redesign by SencerBugrahan

Facebook – Redesign by Czarny-Design

Facebook Redesigned by pseudoroom

Facebook Design by Oliver Reichenstein

Facebook Facelift by Barton Smith

Facebook Profile by SencerBugrahan

Facebook redesign v2 by crazypunisher

The Facebook Redesign Project by Hellclanner

facebook ReDesign by physiks

Facebook innovation by czjoe

I hope you enjoyed the different layouts. Which one was your favorite?


  • Brett Widmann
    Great list of concept designs. Nice share.
  • Mark Carter
    wish they were truth at least some of them.
  • evan
    i <3 those all facebook concept !!
  • John32
    Awesome collection of great design!
  • Slim Marley
    Interesting concepts. I would love to see some online. Some are better than the actual design.
  • Michael Koontz
    Some of these ideas are interesting looking in terms of pure design. Some look like they would be more functional than the actual current sites. However, all of these would be more useful to your designer audience with some discussion from the concept designers as to their thinking during the design process. Why did they choose to conceptualize the way they did? What aspects of usability were they seeing as the highest target and how did they go about designing for that goal?
  • Maveric
    This is great! great details. well done.
  • Fererra D.
    Impressive. Just stunning work!
  • Zoey
    Genius work. Just really good.
  • Keryn
    F*ing brilliant dude. Legendary, wish there was a way of making FaceBook look like this!
  • Oliver
    Really i would spend a lot more time on facebook if it would look like this ! Very Good.
  • R. Elmansy
    The designs are awesome and pleasing to the eyes!! I really hope facebook will look like this some time soon!!
  • Israel
    I think ¨AndasoloARTS¨ could be more friendly to be cool with Facebook.
  • techsawy
    Interesting concepts. I would love to see some online.
  • Rojden Den
    I really love these facebook interfaces! They are just brutal! Some of them are better than the real one :)
  • Amro
    This is awesome :)
  • Stefanus Eko Prasetyo
    Very nice....... i LIKE
  • Fasttop
    People at Facebook should see this page and learn a bit from this creators
  • caroline edwards
    i prefer Jonaska - so much easier to use & elegant
  • Taha
    Turkish man was very nice design