In this day and age, explainer videos seem to be the next big thing that online marketers are relying on for marketing and pushing their brand even more. The user engagement with explainer videos appears to be to higher when compared to other marketing strategies.A study suggests that video content which is less than 15 seconds shared up to 37% more often.While having longer videos or say 30 minutes it equally effective, shorter ones seem to outperform longer videos, but ultimately videos are far much effective means of marketing than most digital media marketing strategies. Another survey found out that up to 90% of all online shoppers attest to finding these videos helpful in influencing their purchasing decision.Here are some of the reasons why you need to go the explainer video in your marketing efforts today.

Illustrations for a Video Hosting Marketing Platform

Illustrations for a Video Hosting & Marketing Platform by Sofy Dubinska

1) Effective means of increasing conversion rate

A recent study found out that a staggering 85+% of online buyers are more likely to purchase if they first watch an explainer video. Some companies such as Rypple, currently SalesForce increase their conversion rate by up to 20%. Some companies have been recorded to have increased their conversion rate by up to 64% by simply telling their story using videos.

2) They generate increased interest

A myriad of online businesses these days are turning to social signals in spreading the word about their brand. They use media such as photographs and videos to generate interest in their brand. C100 recently published, according to research, more than 70% of internet users watch online videos, and approximately 50% of the world’s population will watch videos online this year.

3) They are more friendly

It’s without a doubt that the future of the internet is mobile. Today, more sophisticated smartphones are being released into the market. These are super fast and have high bandwidth; they can quickly load online videos and play them in HD. Actually, a greater chunk of all Facebook views happens on mobile devices, and up to 50% of the entire YouTube traffic is from mobile devices.

Videos adapt to most screen size and format, and while the average user is always on the go, and is still busy and is multitasking, and therefore they will most likely prioritize brief content and also dynamic content. This is also a skill that any explainer video company needs to hold dear. They should strive to produce short and compelling content which is concise and straightforward for their clients.

4) Is an approachable medium

While there may be some learning curve, making explainer video not a rocket science skill to learn, and as a marketer, you can learn the ropes of producing high-quality explainer videos that are effective. You do not have to spend much time learning the art or spending a considerable chunk of money hiring a company to make them for you but rather learn and master the art gradually.


There are many more benefits of adopting these videos as one of your marketing strategies. Besides them being useful for both new and old customers can show your brand personality, they give you a chance to prove your worth; they also let you rank better on search engines. Therefore use them today, and you will realize rooftop profits.


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