In this digital age, web design and development are changing rapidly. People want websites that are scalable, secure, and packed with features. The eagerness of users for improved experiences along with individualized content, is also growing exponentially. In other words, users are looking for smart and functional websites with highly customized experiences.

Back in 1993, the appearance of the Mosaic graphical web browser started a revolution in the way online users experience content presented on websites. Since then, website designers all over the world have worked tirelessly to give a proper and clear meaning of what great user experience means on the web.

Some changes happen as a result of advances in technology. The evolution of broadband internet that enabled multimedia content and the rise of the HTML5 standard is a prime example. At the same time, other changes have come from data-driven research about what does and does not work.

artificial intelligence website design

Futuristic Concept by Nikita Kurbatov

Users’ needs change according to their expectations. The desire for more personalized website content and experiences is one such change. It is the reason why digital agencies must generate out-of-the-box, creative ideas instead of sticking irrationally to conventional strategies. For better or worse, the modern market necessitates it.

This is exactly where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into broad view. It redefines all the traditional web design and development concepts and takes them to a different level by focusing exclusively on user experience. However, before we take a deeper look at how AI transforms web design and development, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what AI actually is.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Anyway?

In essence, artificial intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science that creates intelligent machines that work and react like real human beings. Some of these human-like activities involve planning, learning, problem-solving, and voice recognition. Also, artificial intelligence is a way for machines to learn, think, and maintain other, similar processes. This field of study tries to make all the computers smart. With the gradual improvement of machine functionality, mental facilities that once were thought to require intelligence are no longer necessary.

Uncovering the Importance of Artificial Intelligence

AI is the machines that are specifically built in such a manner that they think and act like human beings. Artificial intelligence is a vital part of humans’ daily lives. AI will entirely transform our life since this technology is widely used for various daily services.

Take a moment and check out some of the facts and stats that show the importance of artificial intelligence in our digital age:

  • By 2025, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to be worth almost $60 billion, whereas in 2016 it was just $1.4 billion
  • Global GDP is going to grow to $15.7 trillion by 2030 due to artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence can also boost business productivity by up to 40%
  • AI startups grew up to 14 times over the last twenty years
  • Investment in artificial intelligence startups grew sixfold since 2000
  • Today, about 77% of smart devices used in the world feature at least one form of artificial intelligence
  • Cyborg technology will help humans overcome cognitive and physical limits
  • Google analysts believe that in 2020 robots are going to become smart enough to mimic complex human behavior like joking and flirting

Why Should You Incorporate AI in Web Design?

More and more users prefer to look for products directly on the Amazon website instead of through normal search engines. Large e-commerce firms are changing our attitude towards online shopping, as a result of web app development. Successful e-commerce firms actively implement innovative web design and development technologies in their work, such as voice searches, chatbots, and other artificial intelligence solutions.

These are some advantages of implementing artificial intelligence for website design and development:

  • Faster searches
  • Provide more relevant client interaction and experience
  • Even more efficient digital marketing to targeted consumers
  • Make interactions with the website visitors even better
  • Provide a personalized experience of the store
  • You can even find many more details in this article

AI Can Boost Web Design and Development Processes

The user interface design process includes a lot of creativity and often begins on a blackboard where website designers share their ideas. Once a design is drawn, it is usually photographed and translated manually into an HTML structure to begin the process of web design and development. It requires lots of effort and often delays the design process (and errors may appear). Instead of this, one could take a picture of the website contents of the board and then upload it to an AI routine to generate the prototype web app.

AI Can Be Used in Many Other Ways, too

As AI continues to develop, businesses that want to be innovative and stay ahead of the competition should look for ways to take advantage of its potential. And not only for improving internal operations, but it can also be used to offer a better service to customers or clients and included in sales proposals and pitches.

For example, Adobe Sensei uses AI and machine learning to accelerate tedious processes, help you discover hidden opportunities, and offer relevant experiences to each customer. Adobe Sensei helps you work smarter, better, and faster. Artificial intelligence makes the company smarter. Adobe brought together business leaders from different industries to share their opportunities and opinions and challenges for artificial intelligence in the company. Adobe Sensei places AI at the center of incredible customer experiences.


Even though it is still in its initial stages, artificial intelligence has already become an integral part of our society. Such simple things we take for granted, like Google Helper represent primitive AI technologies. They help us search for and find information relevant to our particular needs. In other words, it is time not just to take advantage of newly emerging technologies, but rather incorporate them into your work, especially when you work in the web design and web development industry.

By applying AI concepts and practices to web design, you get access to a vast source of data that is already being processed - this saves you hours of work. Machine learning and artificial intelligence provide invaluable help to web design industry specialists by letting them focus on the most urgent and relevant things. In the end humans end up winning in the war against machines. They work for us and we manage how they develop, and in service of what end. And that means they ultimately help us do our work more effectively. How is this musing even remotely related to web design? Easily: AI collects data, recognizes patterns, and learns about humans, their behavior, preferences, flaws, and good sides altogether, which seems like a recipe to a long-lasting successful human-machine collaboration.


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