Want to learn why design proofing software is excellent for your business? Find out how in this guide.

Why Should We Use Design Proofing Tools?

It's obvious that email is the most popular form of communication amongst businesses today. Based on the Radicati Group Email Statistics, the number of personal and business email users will start to increase, following their previous growth trends.

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From 2015 to 2019, the number of email users has increased from 2.6 billion to 2.9 billion. The report also showed that the average emails sent in a day would increase by a third. For instance, in 2015, the total individual emails sent was totaled at 205.6 billion, of which the 93.1 billion were individuals customers, and 112.5 was billion related.

We have to rethink on the collaboration and communication style. For instance, Attach the message to the file instead of attaching the data to the message. This is why design proofing software has success within the graphic design industry. They suffer from large file attachments from businesses that still use emails as a way of proofing.

Storing and Attaching Files

Email systems are limited in the attachment file size capacity. Social media platforms like Facebook have a 25 MB limit! Emails are no different, as services such as Outlook allows only 20 MB.

These limits are made to ensure that the service runs appropriately because they can prevent larger files from slowing down their servers. And for graphic design, this can be a nightmare as art pieces with large file sizes can become lost in the workflow.

Another limitation is the time it takes to fully upload or download the file, thus increasing the number of resources used. This is why companies try to have higher bandwidth. Instead, your company should take an alternative approach to their proofing software where the storage is centralized, and there are no data limits.

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Files that are sent through the different parties on the same server leads to a significant issue of duplicate files. To address this problem, your servers have to be defragmented and cleaned up to prevent server space and resources.

Design Proofing Tools Are the Future of the Industry

In the graphic design industry, email is used at a high level as a way of bringing design proposals, and different documents that are sent through the reviewers. Email gives you a platform to check the designs to make the right corrections that respond to the reviewers' needs before publishing.

Typically, large files at a high level and the emails contain information on projects and orders. About 3-50 reviewers are involved in the product approval process of each design. If you want to future proof your business, use design proofing software. This will allow your reviewers can find the right art pieces and get the best insight for your current designs.


To prevent any issues with sending email attachments, you have to use design proofing software. This makes it easier for designers in your team to collaborate and get your projects done without delay.


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