Have you ever used any Microsoft products? The answer to that cannot be 'no' because the fact that you are reading this post right now means you are making use of some Microsoft technology one way or another. A product that you are most likely to use is the Windows Operating System. In addition to its products, Microsoft also offers IT certifications related to them. Let's find out more about them below.


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Microsoft Credentials

Having a Microsoft badge is the best way to boost your career in IT as it gives you many perks like better job opportunities, higher salaries, job security, promotions, and more. This IT giant offers various types of certifications like:

  • MTA (Microsoft Technical Associate);
  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate);
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert);
  • MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) or

you can choose the certification according to the job-role (Administrator, Data Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Developer) or the level of the certification (fundamental, associate, expert). Along with these categories, Microsoft 70-740 Practice Test Questions badges are divided into groups according to the technology you are going to work with. Azure, Development, Microsoft 365, Power BI, Productivity, and Windows Server are only a few you can choose from. So in this post, we will be talking more about the MCSA in Windows Server 2016 credential.

MCSA Windows Server 2016

This certification proves your skills in handling Windows Server 2016. The key technology it deals with is the Windows Server Virtualization one. To earn this badge, you have to pass three compulsory exams, which are Certbolt 70-740

  • 70-740 (deals with installing, storaging and computing Windows Server 2016);
  • 70-741 (is focused on the networking skills to work with Windows Server 2016);
  • 70-742 (is all about Windows Server 2016 Identity).

It is to be noted that this credential and its tests will be retired on January 31, 2021. So make sure you sit for these assessments before the retirement date. Now that we have an idea about the MCSA in Windows Server 2016, let's find out more about one of its exams which is 70-740.

Microsoft 70-740 Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-740 assessment will test your skills in implementing and maintaining features of Windows Server 2016. The topics you will be questioned on are connected with Windows Server installation in various settings and the implementation of storage solutions, Hyper-V, Windows containers, and high availability. As with most MCSA exams, 70-740 also consists of 40-60 questions to be answered within 120 minutes. These questions come in various formats including MCQs, short answers, case studies, build lists, drag and drops, etc. As for the assessment fee, it equals $165. To get a proper idea of the test format, you can refer to exam dumps. Keep reading to find out how you can get the maximum use out of them to prepare for your Microsoft 70-740.

Right Way to Use Exam Dumps

Most students use braindumps for the sake of doing questions to see if they have the knowledge needed to answer them. But many fail to make the maximum use of them. So here's the precise way to use exam dumps wisely to ace your 70-740:

  • Get an idea about the format

As mentioned earlier, exam dumps are used to get an idea about the type of questions and structure of the upcoming test, which is the most prominent use of them. Microsoft does not specify the exact number of questions or the percentage of question types you’ll face at the exam, soit can be difficult to find out the exam details if you practice only with one mock test that contains 171 Q&As. This test will cost you USD 99-109, which is rather expensive. In this case, exam dumps are invaluable.

  • Practice makes perfect

Practicing is the best way to perfect any skills. When doing exam dump questions, you will often come across similar questions that test you on the same concept. By answering them multiple times, you get familiar with that concept so it becomes easier for you to recall it the next time.

  • Find and correct your errors

Correcting your errors is the best way to increase your score. By doing exam dump questions and cross-checking your answers with the ones given, you can detect your mistakes and correct them. This ensures that you don't repeat the same mistakes again and again.

  • Track your improvement

Tracking your improvement is important because that is how you can see whether your error correction is done effectively. If you don't do it, you might check and correct your mistakes thinking that you are improving your knowledge while in reality, your score is stagnating on the same spot. So whenever you do braindumps make sure you keep track of your scores in each test.

  • Time management

What’s the use of being a pro if you cannot answer all the questions on time? Time management is one of the most crucial things when it comes to any assessment. So make sure you always time every test you do and work on quickening your pace.

While there are countless sites that claim to offer legit exam dumps, most of them are frauds. A site that offers reliable braindumps with real exam questions is Exam-labs.com. Besides free ete files for the Microsoft 70-740 exam, Exam-labs.com also offers the 70-740 Premium Bundle containing the ete file with 280 test questions and expert-verified answers, a training course with 107 lectures, and a handy study guide that you can purchase for just USD 59.99. As exam dumps provided by Exam-labs are in the ete format, you must install the ETE Exam Simulator that will open these ete files as well as set the number of questions you’d like to do and time yourself while practicing.


If you want to earn yourself the MCSA in Windows Server 2016 certification, all you have to do is to pass three tests. Doesn't sound so easy, does it? Well, don't worry about it because updated and trustworthy exam dumps provided by Exam-labs.com can make it simple for you. If you make the maximum use of these dumps to prepare for your Microsoft 70-740 exam as recommended above, doing great in it will be a walk in the park. All the best!


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