The gallery includes 20 clear implemented logo design ideas. Stunning wordmarks, strong icons and intelligent combinations of colors and elements. Take a look how designer’s ideas are transformed into to full-rate brands. It’s also an excellent source to find out what are today’s leading logo design trends so you can make your own logo.

Don't forget to, Be Creative!

eco ideas

"concept.. here i tried to incorporate a CFL power lamp rings in to word eco."


The Rod Shop (color version)

"Specialty automobile dealer"

 logo rod shop

The Moran Team

"The Moran Team is a real estate company in the Florida area. They wanted the mark to have a reference to sand or beach. "



"Alphabet "B" is incorporated with mango in a tricky and funny manner. "


Share my Maps

"ID for Share my Maps web app "

share map

the good honey

"'the good honey' is a marketing company that aids companies in filling in 'dead air'... "



"Logo for printing store, ExpertPrint."

expert print


"This logo is for printing superstore ExpertPrint. According to the brief, the logo had to be fun, welcoming and colourful, but with a professional edge. "

expert print


"a beauty center "



"Tribal design for a rock band. "


Active Sportswear

"Bit of a cliche using a big cat for sportswear, but icons are part of our society and they seldom change. "


Coastal Social

"Logo for a social media conference for the southeast United States. "



"Logo made for the pro audio workshop Avcom Electronics. "


Thera Brands

"This logo was designed for a company that sells branded over-the-counter medicines into the hospital environment. One of the core elements of the company and its brands is “care”. The softer, more personal/human side of the value of “care” is reflected in the logo to help soften and balance the sometimes sterile and impersonal nature of institutional products. I had to ensure that the softer side does not undermine credibility. "

Pink Elephant Handmade Toys

"This logo was made for small handmade & gadget toys shop "

The Headspace

"A new psychology and education centre in Sydney, Australia "

Audit Kind

"Version one of Auidt kind. Getting across that there is more than one audit type "

3d Scandinavia

shape search



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