The E-commerce world has become extremely competitive. It is a cut-throat marketplace and in order to succeed, the need to use the best ecommerce CRO tool has become necessary. Humcommerce is one such tool that is a one-stop CRO solution for all ecommerce website owners. It helps decipher consumer behavior on the website and analyzes it so appropriate measures can be taken to improve the conversion rate.

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If you have just started on your ecommerce website and are only looking for basics, HumCommerce has a free version that should be enough. However, if you really want to make an impact and improve above and beyond, there are three different paid packages that you can avail. Choose one that fulfills your needs the best.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the free version, website page views will be counted up to 1,000 views per month. On the other hand, in the paid version, page views are counted up to 10,000 and more depending on the plan. Refer HumCommerce pricing plan here.

Benefits Of The Best Ecommerce CRO Tool Out There

HumCommerce primarily has various features that combined make the tool a thorough CRO mechanism. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when using it:

Easy To Install

HumCommerce is one of the easiest tools to install, taking a mere five minutes to set it up.

Visitor Sessions Records

The primary aim of all CRO tools is to increase conversion which is largely incumbent upon the consumer behavior. The visitor sessions record feature in HumCommerce does exactly that. It records the actions taken by a consumer and whatever else he is doing once on your ecommerce website. The session records highlight the areas where your website is doing well. It further records how many times a certain button has been clicked. By doing so, it also identifies areas that are being neglected and are less frequent.


Heatmaps show how a user is interacting with your website, whether it is just moving the cursor, scrolling or clicking. HumCommerce helps you get data for all the different devices being used to access the website. Thus, separate heatmaps are available for desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Moreover, the heatmaps are further divided into sub-categories:

  • Hover maps
  • Click maps
  • Scroll maps

Each category is self-explanatory and can give customized data as per your need. The hover maps can identify the successes and the weaknesses in your visual content. The click maps can help spot broken links or links that are not being utilized. With scroll maps, you can find out how far down a user is willing to go on your website and which parts they spend most of their time on.

A/B Testing

This feature in HumCommerce is especially helpful where you have two versions of a webpage and are looking to test the effectiveness of both in comparison. The data collected is gauged from interaction with a live audience during the testing. A/B testing benefits the website owner in pinpointing user interaction patterns, most used buttons, the rate at which a video on the website is being watched, etc.

Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is an integral part of any ecommerce website because it shows what actions a user have taken to complete a purchase. This is imperative information for any ecommerce website owner. It shows why a transaction is not completed. What beckons a potential buyer to stop mid-cycle? Once such patterns are unveiled, the website owners can do what is necessary to improve conversions.


This HumCommerce feature is quite self-explanatory. It helps an ecommerce website find the most relevant keywords for its products and services for all three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In addition to shortlisting the keywords, additional information such as impressions, a number of clicks, Click Through rate, etc. are also mentioned. The SEO function goes on to keep tabs on robots’ crawls and identify blocked items and page errors.

User Flow

This feature allows website owners to track the sources of the traffic to their ecommerce website. It can help them figure out broken links if any, and further, analyze which ads are working better and which ones aren’t and which platform garners more traffic and which needs more effort or improvement.

Form Analytics

Most websites have forms. The Form Analytics tool in HumCommerce collects data with respect to how the users are engaging with the website form. There are also additional plugins that can determine the kinks in the form. Thus, if your website has any, you can fix them using this CRO tool that will help you optimize your website better.

Ecommerce Insights

Insights regarding the purchase cycle and how a user makes a purchase can help you improve your CRO. With the Ecommerce Insights feature, you can get insights/data regarding every single product or service you are offering. This means that you can concentrate and strategize on your low performing products/services to increase revenue. Some of the data that is collected for each product/service includes revenue, visit and conversion rate.

Custom Reports

As the title reads, you can customize the reports for your perusal. The custom options give a plethora of metrics, dimensions, and visualizations that can be used. Thus, you can easily get access to customized data to focus on specific areas that are of import to you.


Keeping the above in mind, HumCommerce makes for the best ecommerce CRO tool, providing analytics and data crucial to the success of an ecommerce website. Compared to its alternatives, it is cost effective no matter what the size of your ecommerce platform.

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