Photographers reveal contrasting images of setups and the finished picture

setup shot photography
setup shot photography

Side-by-side images show the lengths people go to for the perfect shot, never judge a photo before seeing its backstage setup. 📷

Realistic Pokémon redesign with incredible details

realistic pokemon redesign

The cute little fantasy creatures in a whole new light.

The Lion King with deepfake style-transfer of the classic film 🦁

Arists remade the live-action "The Lion King" movie trailer using deepfake in order to bring the characters visually closer to the original design, would you watch the whole movie deepfaked?

Passion for bold shapes, vibrant colors and tropical vibes

female portrait

Bofenglin is an illustrator, artist and painter, his artworks are inspired by fashion, bossa nova and tropical places.

Sculpture made of colored pencils

colored pencils sculpture

Huge (6 ft wide) lips made totally of colored pencils! Artist: Mark Aeling - supposed to be his wife’s lips.

Heading into the weekend like

van gogh mobile phone

Ramzy Masri brings us the weekend mood 📱👀

Fantasy creatures brought to life

fantasy creatures

Ellen Jewett makes sculptures deeply informed by a comprehensive insight into anthropology, medical illustration and exotic animal care, all of which emphasize the biological structure of each piece, while freeing her imagination to pursue more abstract ideas.

Giant flamingos in the city, spectacular! 🦩

Florida flamingoes flew into Chicago but found no shrimp in the lake or river. Be careful, they are hungry!