Depositphotos is a very big stock image website, presently the photo stock website offers over 4 million stock photographs and vector images sold under royalty-free licenses. If you're a web designer, photo editor, blogger or publishing a print magazine, this is the right place to go for stock photos, the website has lots of high-quality images and vector photos available at reasonable prices to supply your design requirements.

Depositphotos is one of the major and rising microstock agency with more than 12 Million images from more than 246,000 photographers who are uploading more than 100,000 files on a weekly basis.


Everyone who has ever worked in design know that they quality of a photo is very important, there is nothing worse than creating the most inspirational website only to have it ruined by pixilated images. There is nothing worse than reading a whole article without a single picture, at some point you will have the need for high quality royalty-free stock photos. We recommend

When you first visit Depositphotos you quickly see how simple and straightforward the interface is. Searching is very easy and the results are displayed in an organized and neat manner.


If you want to register you can do this in the top left hand corner of the website, a great feature is the fact that you can sign up with Facebook, this literally means the signup process is very easy.


They offer a free account that allows you to browse through all their stock photos. If you like what you see then you can sign up for one of their plans. Depositphotos offer three different pricing plans.


Depositphotos have a distinctive program intended for bloggers as well. If you run a blog and decide to run a competition that gives real prizes, Depositphotos can be your sponsor. The company can give free photo subscriptions to their site as prizes. Find out more here.

If you are a designer and intend to buy some stock photos, Depositphotos have a free trial to offer you. You could utilize images downloaded for instance personal projects, newsletters, websites, blogs, advertisements, journals, etc.

They have a really big collection of vintage images, you will find some good vector elements to use it in your designs. Vintage still has a great impact on web design, you can download vintage and retro elements featuring icon sets, fonts, themes, templates, textures, patterns and backgrounds, all of them fully downloadable in AI formats for you to implement in your websites


Depositphotos offers a pretty good service for a competitive price, their photos, vectors and videos are of a high quality. Whether you’re a designer looking to buy images for a project or a photographer selling your stock, DepositPhotos make sit all very easy. Since being founded in 2009 the company has steadily grown to become a top competitor in the stock photo market. Low pricing and flexible purchase plans make it easy to buy exactly what you need.

Whether you are in need of a photo or wanting to submit your work to a stock photo agency then you should really consider Depositphotos as one of your choices.


  • Antony McAulay
    Thanks to your review, I decided I’ll give them a chance. Been uploading my vector portfolio for the past few weeks. Very easy process. Categories are a bit too much. But other than that, we’ll see.
  • Warren
    i will sure give it a try!
  • Tushar Thakur
    This site looks like it has excellent pictures. I have never heard of them but they are very affordable. You did a great review of this company.
  • Sara M.
    I love using Depositphotos!