Client feedback has never been more important than it is today. Soliciting, accepting and organizing feedback can be a daunting task. Listening to feedback from your client is important for your project, feedback isn't always easy to swallow, but it can be extremely valuable. Comment cards and suggestion boxes leave mountains of paper to sort through, while email forms produce unorganized data that is hard to visualize and difficult to respond to in a formal manner.


Project demands and management technology are continuously evolving, to help you stay on the leading edge of project management best practices, we want to bring to your attention an awesome tool that will ease your workflow. allows creatives to share their work and get it approved quickly. There are many tools out there to help your daily project management, but of all of them, has been my best choice for a successful task tracking. is a no-brainer choice when in comes to select a tool to manage a new project. Get your designs, videos, and audio concepts signed off faster, so you and your partners can focus on what really matters: creating awesome stuff.


Since i've started working in this business, i've always been fascinated by productivity and project management. A few years ago I understood that there will never be the perfect way to plan efficiently. I spend way too much time researching the best methodologies to achieve the best results on the projects I'm currently working on. The best practice 99% of the times is just getting to work. As a freelancer, it's up to me to manage my time as best as I can and try to minimise the time spent on administration, so I can spend my valuable hours on designing rather than emailing. But since there is no harm in getting helped, we do recommend this great platform.

Getting Started

The interface is really simple and intuitive, there's no fancy menus or complicated systems to figure out. Sign up for your free trial of 30 days. After this, there are a variety of options from the Freeloader Plan right up to the Agency Plan for companies with 50 active projects going. You can chose your own custom domain, wich is a really cool feature.


Now you are ready to upload your first concept work, just click the big "Add project" button from the right side. Fill the form with your details and now you are ready to upload your concept work.


You can share your work with the client by clicking the "Share Concepts" (no account setup required). They just log in, look at your notes and then add their feedback.


The client can add annotations to specific spots on the image, or they can add overall comments. Each time a comment is added/amended, you get notified, so you know when the client has updated. No more back and forth asking where the approval is at.


Once the work is finished and everyone is happy, the client simply clicks the big green "Approve" button and you'll receive an email to let you know it's good to go. has four plans which are available (all of which have a free 30 day trial). It suits freelance designers, studios, and agencies. There is also a limited free version.

Conclusion is made for creatives. is focused on client feedback and approval, and the entire platform is designed with this in mind. I can really see being a really useful tool to keep projects running smoothly and (hopefully) removing a whole lot of email thread-searching for feedback and client review notes. I've been using this awesome tool for a some days now and I'm loving it and i definitely recommend it.


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