MaxCDN is a content delivery network, a service which is used to deliver the content of your website to your visitors with the fastest speed and the highest security available. In other words, it speeds up your site and reduces your server load, for an affordable price. A website’s speed and performance is essential in creating the best experience for your visitors. If you value your visitors, you should provide them with a smooth, fast and optimal browsing experience. This is why we recommend this service for your website. In this article you will find why the CDN from MaxCDN service is a must-have.


MaxCDN is one of the most preferred affordable CDN providers for your sites. If your readers want to view your webpages, their access requests will be sent to your web server. Once the server receives the requests, it will send all the desired information back to the requesting machine, including HTML, images, multimedia files and JavaScript files. MaxCDN aims at improving the performance of a website, speeding up the page loading speed, reducing bandwidth usage, and increasing SEO rankings. It is very easy to setup and you can also easily integrate with WordPress using W3 Total Cache Plugin. It offers wide range of services with affordable prices.

It has already been trusted by more than 13,000 businesses including WP Engine, Mobify, TNW, and DISQUS. To offer the fastest speeds possible, MaxCDN build a smarter network than many other CDN providers, with strategically selected data centers offering optimal speeds and lowest latency. Besides, in order to save on DNS lookups, this company utilizes Anycast DNS.

How Important is the Site Loading Time?

Some of the biggest and most popular websites in existence today are running on WordPress. These sites are so big that unless they were optimized and benefiting from the services of a content delivery network (CDN), they’d be slow and frustrating to use. Research study conducted by revealed shoppers expect a page to load within 2 seconds or less. If a site took longer than this 79 percent wowed not to return to the site again as greater site loading time leads to frustration and a poorer customer shopping experience. This point signifies how important loading speed really is proving to be a make or break factor for businesses.

Why Is So Important?

  • Speed – Once we started using a CDN on our site, the site got faster.
  • Crash Resistance – Thanks to you guys for sharing our articles, we have received huge spells of traffic from social media on some of our articles. If it wasn’t for the proper CDN and caching setup, then our site would crash so many times. CDN allows us to distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to our main server thus making it less likely to crash.
  • Improved User Experience – Since we started using a CDN, we have noticed a decline in bounce rate on our site. Furthermore, we have also seen increased in pageviews and numbers of pages viewed by each user. So clearly a fast site means improved user experience.
  • Improvement in SEO – Google has clearly stated that faster sites tend to rank higher in Search Engines. We have noticed our site ranking higher once we did the optimization on our site.

Why Choose MaxCDN?

MaxCDN’s start plan costs only $9/month and their plus plan costs only $39.95/month without discounts. The start plan offers 100GB bandwidth per month. It’s more than sufficient for medium-sized sites.

MaxCDN is very easy to set up and use. MaxCDN has data centers around the world. They have numerous servers (edge locations and peer locations) all over North America and Europe.

Their plus plan is ideal for owners of a couple of busy websites. The business plan costs $79.00/month and offers 1TB bandwidth per month and supports a maximum 5 pull-zones (sites). There’s no storage limit. You can host as many static files of your site with MaxCDN, no matter how large they are.


How to Setup MaxCDN on WordPress

As I’ve already mentioned, you can use a caching plugin called W3 Total Cache and set it up automatically. There’s a step-by-step guide on setting up W3 Total Cache and MaxCDN together.

If you prefer WP Super Cache instead, there’s a way to set MaxCDN up alongside that, as well.


In my opinion, the pricing is very reasonable. MaxCDN is a great solution for individuals and businesses alike, and certainly is one of the best Content Delivery Network solutions for WordPress users. They are the best and cost-effective way to boost traffic and performance of your website. Just try them out!

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