Today we are gonna present a great product for web masters: SeeVolution, a wonderful real-time analytic service that lets you view a comprehensive statistics about your website. Google Analytics can tell you how many people are visiting your website but not in a full detail like how a visitor using your website, or on which element visitors click mostly? In this case we utilize the beauty and functionality of transparent heatmaps.

See exactly what your visitors are clicking on, looking at, and ignoring. Find small changes that will lead to dramatic increases in visitor engagement and conversion.

Seevolution is a web-app that utilizes click maps as a way to let web publishers know how their sites are doing at any given time. Seevolution is targeting web publishers who are attracted more to visual graphics than numbers and statistics, this is the reason people love to use this service.

They offer website heatmaps that include these features: “Click Heatmaps”, “Mouse Move Heatmaps”, “Scroll Heatmaps” and “Real-time Analytics” to get revolutionary tracking stats, all intended to visually guide the website owner’s about a visitor respond and feedback to their site.

Click Heatmaps

This feature helps the site owner analyze how many visitors are clicking on their site and most importantly where the highest and lowest number of clicking is being done, so you can make informed decisions to optimize your site and maximize conversion.

Mouse Move Heatmaps

This feature shows the hot and cold spots of where the visitor moves its mouse more often and where the visitor is less likely to go. Did you know there is an 85%+ correlation between a website visitors mouse movement and what they are looking at on a web page? SeeVolution helps the site owner’s now get a precise view of where the focal point of their visitors is heightened. Wherever this focal point lies, the site owner can then brag the data in a more noticeable manner.

Scroll Heatmaps

This service show you exactly how far your visitors scroll, allowing you to move and rearrange elements of the page to take advantage of visitor behavior. For instance, if a particular website’s major news is right at the end of the page and that is where most visitors scroll down to, then the website designers may alter the layout of the page and put the most valuable date at the top as the lesser ones move down down the page.

Real Time Analytics

Provides you with an up to the minute view of your site’s user activity and referring sources. This feature is used by site owners to see how many visitors are currently on their website or how many are on any exact page. SeeVolution’s real-time analytic provides site owners with a current and up to minute observation of their site’s user activity. This real-time data is something that would help website owner’s enhance their website and always be one step ahead of their competitors.

Seevolution’s heatmap technology is innovative and down right interesting enough that people who already have analytics tools installed on their websites might still be tempted to make the switch.

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