Fifa 14, the latest edition in the Fifa franchise, is the best Fifa yet.

With a new graphics engine that makes full use of the expanded graphical capabilities of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One; a new and improved control scheme that gives players more control over the ball; and hundreds of new players, stadiums and teams, Fifa 14 PS4 and Fifa 14 Xbox One provide a superb gaming experience that few games can match.

For the release of Fifa 14, EA Sports, the developer of the game, have also updated the official Fifa website, making dozens of tweaks to its design while adding a number of useful features.

This article will take a look at the Fifa 14 website, explaining why it’s a cut above the rest.



The Fifa 14 website features a simple, understated, elegant design. There’s a lot of open space on the website, making it feel very open and inviting, and the use of bright colours and easy to read fonts make it very easy on the eyes.

The website is also designed with responsive design in mind, meaning it looks beautiful on every type of internet connected device, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, desktop PCs, and laptops.

The Fifa 14 website is very easy to navigate around. The navigation bar is given prominent placement at the top of the page with easy-to-understand menus linking to various parts of the site. Links to other EA websites can be found at the bottom of the website in the footer, too.



The Fifa 14 website is loaded with dozens of useful features.

In the ‘News & Media’ section, you’ll be able to catch up on all the latest news and information about Fifa 14 and watch videos of the game in action. You'll also be able to look up stats for all the players and teams in the game, learn more about the new ‘Real Ball’ and ‘Pure Shot’ game mechanics, check out reviews for the game, and more.


In the ‘EA Fut Hub’, you’ll be able to take part in Fifa’s Ultimate Team Championship, a huge fantasy football league with millions of players around the world taking part. After putting together a team, you’ll take on the role of manager as you attempt to lead your team to success and glory.


A community section rounds off the feature list, with forums, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Twitter feeds, and more available to explore.

Fan Rewards

One of the most unique sections of the Fifa 14 website is the ‘fan rewards’ section.

Here, you’ll be able to complete challenges to earn credits that can be traded in for prizes on the EA Fan Rewards Store. These challenges include answering quizzes, reading articles, watching videos, and more.

Make sure to visit the EA Fan Rewards Store to see what goodies are up for grabs -

Summing Up

Fifa 14’s website is one of the best gaming websites on the Internet. It has a beautiful responsive design, and a wealth of features that are sure to please every Fifa 14 fan. Make sure to give it a visit.

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