Singles Day is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year throughout the world. One of the things that many people look forward to about the holiday of shopping is the online promotions that offer some great savings. This year, an offline player decided that they wanted to get in on the shopping frenzy. Beijing Digital Telecom Co., the biggest cell phone retail chain offline, teamed up with to offer some great deals for customers who visited one of their many brick and mortar locations.

Each offline store that was part of the promotion had its own page that had their own products and promotions along with a specific QR code that could be used at that location. The combination of offline and online shopping opportunities offered a new level of convenience for their customers that many enjoyed. The idea to combine brick and mortar stores with the marketing of e-commerce appears to have worked as D.Phone has seen 30% of their sales growth from the retail solution offered by Jingdong.

Founded by Richard Liu, Jingdong works with brick and mortar retailers to offer discounts and coupons to customers through their JPASS System. There are over 1,000 D.Phone locations in China that were all listed on the app. This innovative partnership idea has helped to increase the sales and visits for their retail partners which features 100's of thousands of locations. In order to access the deals offered by D. Phone, the 300 million customers of Jingdong were able to access a JD Membership Code through their app or a WeChat Mini-Program to find a J.Phone store near them.

Great deals and discounts weren't the only features that this partnership with D.Phone had to offer. When Jingdong customers scanned phones at D.Phone, they could use the app's AR-Scan to win prizes while interacting with augmented reality. has a lot to offer to both their customers and retail partners. The company has a department of Boundaryless Retail to help develop and manage these innovations that is headed by Chen Li. They believe that online and offline shopping is getting more difficult to differentiate from each other and it will continue to get blurrier as time goes on.

Jingdong sees Boundaryless Retail as the future of shopping that will be a new era for business. They have this as a vision for the future not only for their company but retail in general. They look forward to being able to help even more offline partners with their services. By creating more options for shopping both online and brick and mortar, they are providing better services and experiences for their large customer base.

Retail as a Service is part of the strategy at JingDong and they have had a lot of success with it so far. There are many benefits through their initiatives that continue to grow frequently. They have a lot of advantages in technology compared to other businesses in the region and they are allowing their partners access to many of its features. They are hoping to be able to help these stores improve their sales and shopper experience as many of these retail locations have suffered from the popularity of e-commerce.

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