ios7-redesignWhile most of us are excited about the new iOS from Apple, the design especially the look and feel of the new set of icons received mixed reviews mostly from designers. iOS 7 features a more minimalistic and flat look, throwing away the skeuomorphic design of the previous versions with new color palette, typography and new features. Apple eliminated a lot of tricks with this design outline. The use of gradients combined with minimalist style on the icons making it brighter, flatter and pastel-like is the most notable change that the design world has been conflicting about.

With the conflicting thoughts about the iOS 7 design, some designers have done some experiments and created their own take on what the iOS 7 design should look like. Talented designers can better integrate flat-designed items into the overall Apple interface, they redesign the iOS 7 in a more pleasant style. The goal was to make the design more detailed, cleaner and more coordinated using the same design direction and the overall look of the new iOS. The result, a better redesigned home screen UI design well applauded by fellow designers.

For those that don't like the look of the new icons, at least partially, we've put together a roundup of 14 beautiful alternative icon sets that will make you wish these designers worked at Apple.

iOS 7 icons by Alexandr Nohrin




iOS 7 Springboard Redesign by Doney den Ouden

If the new Springboard looked like this, I'd be way more inclined to like iOS 7. I'm probably kinda late to the redesign party, but hey, I like to take my time to add the finishing touches :) Redesigned every icon from scratch (except Photos) and tweaked the Dock, labels and statusbar elements.


iOS 7 Redesign by Leo Drapeau

I just couldn't resist redesigning the icons and the Home Screen UI of this newly launched iOS 7 beta. So, I kept the same design direction, the overall look and fresh feel to it, but trying to make it look more detailed, coordinated and just cleaner. Also, I kept the old iOS border radius for the icons (the new standard doesn't feel right to me), and also the old items on the right of the status bar.



iOS7 Reimagined by Zane David

After a sleepless night recreating the iOS7 AirDrop pop-up, I decided to spend some time tonight working on my own version of the iOS7 icons before I hit the hay. There has been a lot of talk about a "backlash from designers," but personally, this is just an excuse to have some fun and recreate something that reflects my own personality. I'm looking forward to seeing what inspires others. Enjoy the concept and let me know what you think!



Forma Studio

This next concept by Forma Studio is different than the rest, and perhaps the flattest of the group. These icons have washed out colors that are definitely not as bright or vibrant as their iOS 7 counterparts, with matching designs between the iBooks and Newsstand and Calculator and Notes icons respectively.


iOS 7 - Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko

iOS 7 - Home screen redesign. New icons via new Apple's GUI, but with previous icon size and corner radius.



iOS 7 Icons by Jackie Tran Anh



iOS 7 by JustD

I think even the idea of having shadows to even refer to depth like objects in real life have depth is out of the question now. I think iOS7 is trying to eliminate that prerequisite completely.



Ios7 Concept by Ariel Verber

Ariel Verber is an experienced designer that has been using Photoshop for over ten years, and this is his take on how the iOS 7 icons should look. I'm a huge fan of the color palette and consistent design language across the icons. Unfortunately, that clock widget at that top of the home screen is something I don't think we'll see from Apple in the near future.


iOS7 alternative Icons by Carlos Gavina



iOS 7 Icons Redesign by Ida Swarczewskaja

In case you didn’t know, the new iOS 7 icons are vector-based designs. So, as pretty as most of the concepts above might be, it’s a little more accurate to have a vector icon redesign like this one. Designed by Ida Swarczewskaja, these icons were created with Sketch and deliver a more refined feel to the current iOS 7 icon set.

This is my take of iOS 7 icon set. Jony Ive brought us a fresh icon concept, but... unfinished! Icons are all vectors, and this time I used Sketch instead of Adobe Illustrator.


iOS 7 Icons by Matthew Skiles

This concept design by Matthew Skiles is perhaps closest to the current look and feel of the iOS 7 icons, with a more simplified appearance and slightly different color scheme.


iOS7 Redesign - Again by Michael Boswell

I think this usage of color, space, iconography and typography is a simple, cleaner and more effective solution for iOS7's home screen.


IOS 7 Concept MCASE by Alexis Jossart


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  • Robert Hoekman
    2013-06-21 21:11:19
    Great post! Some of these concepts are really good, too. Several of the refresh concepts above stick pretty closely to the concepts Apple created but do what they did not: use consistent styling, line weights, strict adherence to the grid. Very nice post and very nice work.
  • Gretchen
    2013-06-21 21:21:01
    Epic Win. Well done!
  • Matt Meeks
    2013-06-21 21:21:23
    Much improved!
  • Jeff Edsell
    2013-06-21 21:21:43
    Lovely redesigns!
  • Lindsey Stanek
    2013-06-21 21:23:18
    Not bad!I Want to see how it will look on device.
  • Bob MacNeal
    2013-06-21 21:27:10
    Yep, better than what there is, still want more detail…
  • Pete Smart
    2013-06-21 21:27:33
    this is actually closer to what I actually expected from Apple.
  • Allan McAvoy
    2013-06-21 21:29:00
    Its definitely an improvement.
  • Adam
    2013-07-06 16:43:59
    its one of the greatest sites and concepts that i have ever seen, Thank You
  • 2013-08-05 09:14:24
    Nice selection !