Facing a frozen iPhone screen with no idea what to do? Fret not! Many iPhone users face a similar issue and are unaware as to how to fix a frozen iPhone screen. Thankfully, issues resulting in an unresponsive iPhone screen can be tackled easily. This document serves as a comprehensive guide, giving you an insight into authenticated solutions to fix your unresponsive iPhone screen in a jiffy!

how to repair iphone

1. What are the probable causes of your unresponsive iPhone screen?

There can be many causes which have lead to your iPhone screen hanging. Screen freezes are common not only with iPhones but across all smartphones for reasons such as:

  • The device is stuck in the restart loop
  • A rickety or corrupt application
  • A malware attack
  • An incomplete or hung software update
  • Insufficient free storage
  • Multiple applications are slowing down your phones OS eventually leading to a freeze

2. iPhone screen is frozen due to a corrupt application. How do you fix this?

If you observe that your iPhone consistently hangs upon you launching a certain application, chances are that the application is causing mischief with your phone. You could:

  • Clear application data: Clearing the application data will help if there is any preliminary issue with the application. Go to your device’s General Settings > Storage, select the application in question and click on ‘Clear App’s Cache’. This will delete the app’s cache data.
  • Update the application in question by going to the App Store, searching for the said app and clicking on ‘Update’. This should effectively iron out any issues with the app.
  • Forcefully close the application: An updated unresponsive application can be fixed by forcefully closing the application. Simply double tap your Home screen, launch the App Switcher, and swipe up the app you wish to close. This is an exercise you should follow regularly to sanitize your iPhone.
  • Delete the application: If the application consistently malfunctions, it would make sense to delete the app altogether along with app data. You could reload the app at a later date and try using it again.

how to fix iphone

  • iPhone Reset: If all else fails, you should consider resetting your phone to make sure no malicious content/downloads plague your iPhone. While this will erase all saved settings from your phone, it will allow you to keep your data. Open your General Settings > Reset and click on ‘Reset all settings’ to do the above.

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3. Hard Resetting your frozen iPhone

This is the easiest way to fix your iPhone screen frozen. Restarting your iPhone forcefully will clear up other minor issues with your phone too. There are different methods of restarting the different iPhone models which include pressing the volume buttons and the home buttons. Choose the appropriate action for your phone and restart it.

4. Employ a Professional Tool

When updating, resetting and deleting applications fails, the good judgment says you should employ a professional tool like dr.fone - repair iPhone which resolves common iOS issues without the user having to compromise on data loss. Most professional tools including dr.fone are compatible with all iOS devices and are easy to use.

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5. Regularly Updating your iOS

An unsteady iOS version can sometimes play havoc with your device causing regular hang-ups and problems. Back up all your data and update your iOS regularly as a measure of good health for your phone. You can update your iOS either via settings or via iTunes.

6. Restore iPhone

If all of the above fails, resort to restoring your device in Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. You will, however, lose your data and your saved settings and hence you should backup your data on iCloud before restoring your device.

7. Hardware Issue

If nothing helps, the problem is most likely with the hardware of your device that sometimes gets damaged by everyday usage. Visit an Apple Service Centre to get specialized assistance.

This guide should work as a comprehensive guiding light for frozen screen iPhones across all devices and iOS versions.

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