Sustainability consistently appears as an important topic when discussing farming and the environment. Unfortunately, not all corporate policies support sustainability. The history of enterprise tells many sad tales of companies bringing havoc to forests across the globe. The environment isn't the only thing facing a sustainability threat. Climate change, income inequality, inadequate health care, and hunger reflect other problems the world faces. Sadly, certain business ventures often contribute to the troubles.

Not every corporation, thankfully, adheres to irresponsible behavior. Some companies even take extra steps to help the world meet noble sustainability goals. Just look at Herbalife Nutrition. The company now enters its third year in support of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) program. The corporate entity will also serve as a partner on the UN's Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development 2018.

The nutrition giant wishes to contribute significant time, effort, and resources to the United Nation's unique initiative. The path to supporting sustainability initiatives isn't a jump for a company involved with nutrition. The UNSDG, in fact, promotes "global health and well-being." Health and well-being reflect two areas the public must learn more.

Often, people become their proverbial own worst enemies when it comes to diet choices. Even with the development of better methods of farming and food harvesting, people opt to eat the wrong foods. They also overeat many of these choices as well. The consequences of a lifelong lousy diet may prove severe. Thankfully, the United Nations wants to raise awareness about better nutrition. A collective of its three-year partner's "Nutrition Clubs" will lend several hands to the cause.

A key point stressed by Herbalife and its affiliated Nutrition Clubs centers on education. That is, if people learn more about eating correctly and getting the right nutrients, they might find themselves a bit healthier. Sustaining the planet goes hand-in-hand with supporting the people. Once someone learns how to better care for his/her health through proper diet, the individual may avoid common diseases associated with terrible eating habits. Once again, not everyone affirmatively embraces poor diet choices. Lack of knowledge plays a role. He/she might eat excess quantities of saturated fat without ever realizing how risky this is. A strong education initiative may lead people to make better, healthier food selections.

Herbalife has entered a new phase of its corporate operations. The entity long promoted its for-profit pursuits associated with better nutrition. The company proved itself to be a successful enterprise selling dietary supplements and nutritional products across the globe. The "average person" can enter into a business arrangement to promote the products by becoming a "Nutrition Independent Distributor." The potential to earn money exists. So does the ability to promote healthier living.

Education alone, however, may not be enough. People must access healthier foods. Herbalife can help. Upwards of 90,000 Nutrition Clubs exist throughout the world. They provide a distribution source for those seeking nutritional food options. If the company's Nutrition Clubs continue to grow, so does access to its products.

Herbalife wants to share opportunities with others outside of its distribution partners. The enterprise has both resources and name recognition. It can use both to help push the UN's sustainability agenda further. The planet and the populace could benefit greatly.

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