I am thrilled to announce that Favwork has been acquired by PsdBucket Network. This is certainly both a good move for Favwork and a benefit for their users. I am very happy that PsdBucket wants to invest in growing the vision that Favwork had brought.

Just joined Favwork and I have to say, it feels good. I can look for inspiration, get critiques and help others with their projects. Favwork is very simple, each designer is allowed to showcase one piece of work, their favorite piece. You can find all kind of artworks, from logo mockup to impressive illustrations, designed in great details.

The front page showcases images that have been submitted and rotates, to give everyone a chance to show-off their ‘fav’ design work. Favwork is open to anyone who has creative work they want to share. Web designers, logo designers, typographists, illlustrators, artists, and so on. If you’re looking for a way to share bits of designs for feedback but you’re still waiting in the queue for Dribbble, you might want to give Favwork a try.

Designers are encouraged to upload new favorites over time, archiving the previous works. Users can log in via Twitter and upload their favorite image with a description. The community can leave comments and Like (sadly not Facebook Like) the images. Images can be easily Tweeted on Twitter.

Favwork is open to anyone who has creative work they want to share. Web designers, logo designers, typographists, illustrators, artists, and so on. There is no ‘invite only’ pre-requisite or exclusivity for joining, anyone can join and your work will appear on the home page if you get enough like.

Favwork Features

  • Submit images of your best work
  • “Like” an image that you are impressed with
  • Gain popularity and get featured on the FavWork’s Twitter page
  • Search for recent submissions as well as monthly, daily and weekly popular submissions
  • Connect and sign in through an existing Twitter account

If you’re into design but not so much into exclusivity, give Favwork a shot, and let us know what you think about the concept and the execution.

A little bit more about PsdBucket: This is an awesome site that aims to deliver high quality resources for graphic and web designers as well as a daily dose of inspiration (take a look a this great free flyer, it's pretty good) .

Another great site to get Dribbble invites is Cribbble. It helps people to let the world know that they’re searching for dribbble invite. Add yourself to the list. Let dribbblers find and invite you easily!

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Alex Roman

Independent graphic artist and architect based in Bucharest. I really love what i do!

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  • Slim Marley
    I love Favwork, those guys have done a pretty good job with it!
  • Vivian Mah
    i will sure give it a try!
  • Nancy Rod
    It looks clean & neat right now and i love it. Thank you for this share, Alex!
  • Tom Ross
    i think Dribbble is getting way much attention, we need more sites like this.
  • farnaz
    Love the idea behind this.

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