Efficient web design is essential in today's profoundly visual market. The first impression is decisive for any visitor looking for products on your site. So the way your site looks will determine, in a matter of seconds, if they will click away or stay on it for a while.

When you try to sell mattresses, which are meant to ensure comfort and support, web design is even more important, considering we spend about a third of our lives in bed, sleeping! Thus, the presentation of the products is vital. I put together a short list of web design tips for such websites; hopefully, you'll find it useful:

Keep it simple

Minimalism and smart structure are essential. A minimalist homepage, with structured fundamental information, is the best business card on the web. People usually scan the pages in a hurry and have no patience for reading large amounts of text; thus, you have to woo them with bold subheadings, short and legible paragraphs, images and icons – but not in excess.


Choose the right colors

I'm sure you already know that colors are crucial to the message you want to deliver. But only the right combination will make the products stand out. Thus, when presenting mattresses, the best option is a combination of white and luxurious colors and shades. It never goes wrong because it creates a calm and serene atmosphere, inviting the users to keep browsing.


Optimize your images

Websites with highly optimized images load faster and work better on various devices (remember that your site needs to be mobile friendly as well). Use specialized programs to reduce image size without altering the quality. You have just several seconds to catch people's attention, so use contrast, size, and spacing to lead the visitors towards what you want them to see and read. Images and aesthetics can help you prioritize information.


Create interesting content

Even though your primary purpose is to sell, visitors have to find something else than prices and discounts on your website. Include creative topics, such as the best list of your top mattresses, most popular memory foam options, etc. Have contrast between the content and the background, so the text should read comfortably. Keep your body text at 16 pt., at least and remember that there is such a thing as too many fonts in web design! The basic rule is not to use more than three different fonts on your website.


Make navigation easy

If there’s one thing all web users hate the most when visiting a site, that’s to be sent on a wild goose chase instead of getting effortless access to the needed information. So make sure they can navigate smoothly on your site; link your logo to the homepage, place the menu on the top and structure it according to the significance of each section. Vertical navigation is an excellent choice. And don't forget about the footer: include significant links and information there (social icons, contact, blog, FAQ, a shortened version of the menu, etc.). It’s the last thing a visitor sees, so make the best of it because taking care of such details will contribute to the excellent reputation of your business.


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